One day, three years ago, the 30 years old Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc decided to quit her job and to travel around the world to picture women. This idea came to her during a trip in Ethiopia where she met women trying to keep their native cultural identity and traditions without following the trend.

Until now, Mihaela Noroc visited more than 45 both modern and traditional countries on five continents.

Her project: « The Atlas of Beauty » became viral in 2015 through her Tumblr blog. The project has been featured in major world publications as CNN, ELLE, Forbes, The Huffington Post, etc. Mihaela’s goal is « to show that beauty is everywhere and is not about race, money or trends, but more about being yourself, natural and authentic».

Mihaela Noroc wants to prove here that the beauty of women is in his diversity, not in a single vision dictated by fashion magazines. To be able to finish his project she launched a fundraiser on Indiegogo the bigger world website about crowdfunding and collected already more than $45,000. The Atlas of Beauty will come out this year.




Pics Mihaela Noroc

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