Microsoft creates the first whiskey produced by artificial intelligence


Microsoft has just created the first whiskey produced by artificial intelligence in partnership with the Swedish distillery Mackmyra known for its daring refinements and its eco-responsible positioning and a Finnish technology company Fourkind. Producing a good whiskey is a subtle and complex art. A whiskey must mature at least 3 years in wood cask and the age and type of wood have a direct influence on the flavor. Rather than taking risks Microsoft, Mackmyra and Fourkind decided to use artificial intelligence to predict which combination of factors will produce a good whiskey but which will also create new flavors.





This new generation single malt took several years of work, based in particular on Mackmyra’s already existing recipes, but also on the distillery’s sales figures, as well as the preferences expressed by its customers. Thanks to all these data, artificial intelligence has been able to precisely determine some “70 million recipes”, as well as their presumed popularity ratings.





The whiskey generated by Mckmyra AI will be marketed in autumn 2019 and after this first step, other industries could follow. “This AI generation can have an impact in different global sectors,” says Jarno Kartela, at Fourkind. “I’m thinking of AI systems generating recipes for sweets, perfumes, drinks and maybe even sneakers!





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