Micro plastics discovered in breast milk

October 18.2022





With over 350 million tons of plastic produced globally each year, we’re seeing alarming amounts of plastic waste all over the world. In fact, it is estimated that our oceans contain 250,000 tons of plastic litter. According to a paper published in Polymers, micro plastics were discovered in 26 of the 34 samples of breast milk for the first time. Scientists considered mothers’ consumption of food and beverages packaged in plastic. They also recorded each subject’s use of plastic-wrapped personal hygiene products. The micro particles discovered were classified based on their shape, color, dimensions, and chemical composition. Ramen Microspectroscopy, a type of vibrational spectroscopy that takes advantage of light’s inelastic scattering, was used to analyze breast milk samples. Valentina Notarstefano, one of the study’s authors at the Universita Politecnica della Marche, expressed grave concern about the findings. Although this is the first time micro plastics have been discovered in breast milk, a previous study (which inspired this latest work) discovered that micro plastics are also present in some human placentas. The majority of the micro plastics found were used in human-made coatings, paints, adhesives, plasters, finger paints, polymers, cosmetics, and personal care products, according to the researchers. When it comes to infant feeding, there is no doubt that breast is the best option. However, given these findings, it could change in a very near future.






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