Discover Savyu Ơi with Micka Chu the rising star of the Vietnamese entertainment scene

Available in : Vietnamese

June 17.2021


Micka Chu is .. not Pickachu !

From being a participant in Vietnamese dating show ( Đại Chiến Kén Rể ) to becoming one of the permanent host on the first talk show with foreigners in Vietnamese on VTV3 ( Nhập Gia tuỳ tục), Micka Chu has indeed become one of the rising star of the Vietnamese entertainment scene.







Speaking English, French, Russian, Spanish and of course Vietnamese she is working with different TV channels and is also the host of a culinary / review show on YouTube called “Savyu Ơi.”







Savyu is a loyalty program, an app that counts more than 100 food establishments proposing the best deal across Saigon and Micka is here to make us discover all of them in her own funny, natural and entertaining way. Like Pickachu, Micka Chu is always ready for new adventures which we are sure you will love to follow!






Chickita is famous for its tasty fried chicken. The cheerful design and menu put you right away in a good mood. The quality of the meat ( daily delivered and not frozen! ) added to the variety of its unique exclusive sauces will make you added. In this video Micka and the YouTuber Nam Den are eating a whole chicken by themselves and joking.. in Vietnamese!









Available in : Vietnamese

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