Meet VoB, the Indonesian Heavy Metal Girl Band

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July 21.2021







A female Indonesian heavy metal band that started as a group of small town schoolgirls in their teens has met critical acclaim, and their music is addressing some of society’s biggest issues. The band, Voice of Baceprot (or “noisy voice” in English) was formed in a town in the province of West Java in 2014. Though they faced many normal challenges of a young metal group, they also faced a new set of issues—such as convincing their parents that this type of music was worth pursuing, overcoming social norms in Indonesia, and finding the right platform to be outspoken.







Following the initial expectations of their families and of the town in which they grew up would’ve meant that music as a profession was off the table, and a domestic life would’ve followed directly after school. Playing music full-time, especially heavy metal, was hardly thought of as a possibility. However, the three girls of VOB eventually played on through initial criticism and won over their parents, neighbors, and far more.







The band, all of whom wear the hijab while playing their distinct brand of hard rock and heavy metal, wrote early songs that commented on the strict educational system in Indonesia, while others addressed the strict social codes of their native country, the world’s largest Muslim majority nation. “When I’m on stage, I can express myself without worrying about the norms that people expect from me,” Widi Rahmawati, the group’s 19 year-old bassist said.  Now, the group is based in Jakarta and has attracted attention from rock stars—from Nirvana to Rage Against the Machine—around the world, with opportunities to play festivals in Europe and beyond.






Available in : Vietnamese

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