Here at Bliss, we are ecstatic to be speaking to the founders of The Holistic Earth Fair: Chiara, Johanna, Pascale, and Rae.



Pascale & Chiara, Rae, Johanna



It will be the first annual holistic health and wellness fair in the city, and it is being organized by La Holista, Home Yoga Saigon, and Johanna Anderson Acupuncture. The Holistic Earth Fair will showcase more than 30 local businesses including farmers; health, complementary medicine, and wellness practitioners; sports advocates and trainers; kids and community outreach initiatives; healthy foods promoters and environmental services.




For those who have not yet heard about it, what is The Holistic Earth Fair, and what is its goal?

The Holistic Earth Fair’s main goal is to connect all these incredible local businesses, build community and raise awareness about the abundance of options for people interested in a healthy lifestyle here in HCMC. There will be a variety of lectures, demos, and classes on topics including yoga, chiropractic medicine, the benefits of plant-based living, and so many others.  We’ve received a tremendous amount of support from the community, too.
First of all from our key Sponsor, Humane Society International, and their most successful Vietnamese campaign, Green Monday Vietnam. The purpose of this campaign is to promote healthier, sustainable, and compassionate communities through one simple act: eliminating our consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy products at least one day a week.
Then from EtonHouse International Pre-school Thao Dien who recognized the similarity of our community goals and so kindly opened their door to our event. EtonHouse International Pre-School – Thao Dien has set new standards as an innovative pre-school in Vietnam. Its new campus offers a lush, tranquil environment that inspires inquiry and values the uniqueness of each child: the perfect place to host such a fair!

A big thank you to another sponsor, Pilates Saigon, the new Pilates studio based in D2 which equipment (the STOTT PILATES® line) has earned an international reputation for exceptional performance and durability.
We also had immediately on board other amazing holistic supporters:
Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services, Mandala Wellness & Juices, ORGANIK, Maple Healthcare Vietnam, Suzanne Vian Yoga for Wellness, Mekongfarm, SSA Sports, 5th Element and Pema-of-Tibet Vietnam. Pretty impressive, huh?
And there is more happening on that day: there will also be a run from the event and back organized by as well as a bike ride from D7 to the fair by Bike Life.






Where did the idea come from?

Actually, the idea blossomed really organically. When Johanna first arrived here, she offered a free acupuncture demo, and Chiara hosted it at La Holista Central Kitchen in Thao Dien. Rae was one of the participants. We were just sitting around after, chatting, and saying that there would probably be loads of people interested in learning about wellness initiatives and complementary medicine, but that there’s just nowhere for them to go and learn. We were all really passionate about building community, about sharing the joy and the benefits that come from having a healthy lifestyle, and the natural next step was to get something like this off the ground. Once we added Pascale to the mix, with her organizational skills and her ability to really think through every last detail, it was full steam ahead!


What has been the most challenging aspect of planning this event?

Honestly, the most challenging aspect is also what’s been the most fun. There are so few things like this in the community, so organizing something of this nature has taken a considerable amount of initiative on all of our parts. From finding the venue, to securing the most amazing sponsors, even to the tiny details like finding the best way to entertain kids while parents connect with the vendors and attend talks or classes.
We are so lucky to have EtonHouse International Pre-School Thao Dien because, without their support, this definitely wouldn’t be possible.


What kind of work do you do outside of The Holistic Earth Collective?

Chiara and Pascale work together running La Holista, a holistic health company focusing on plant-based nutrition, living an active lifestyle, education, community outreach, and animal welfare. Rae founded Home Yoga Saigon and worked as a yoga teacher and creativity coach. Primarily she works individually with clients and small groups, and she leads workshops on empowerment and the deeper aspects of the yoga practice. Johanna arrived recently to the city, and she works as an acupuncturist and herbalist practitioner.


Is there anything else about the event that you’d like us to know?

Mostly, the Holistic Earth Fair is a community event for charity. All proceeds will be donated to a Vietnamese charity organization; LIN.
LIN stands for Listen Inspire and Nurture, is a local nonprofit, nongovernmental organization working to “help local people meet local needs” by nurturing the development of the other local grass-roots nonprofits, connecting skilled volunteers with the nonprofits, and providing consultation to the donors on strategic giving.
Moreover, this is a no-waste event! This is something that’s really important to all of us. All of the vendors have agreed to make their best effort to package their products in reusable/recyclable containers, and we request that participants make sure to avoid leaving any additional waste. We’re all really excited, and we hope to see you there.

The Holistic Earth Fair will take place Saturday 29 October at EtonHouse International Pre-School, Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC from 9 am – 3 pm. Entry is free, and there is a small fee to participate in the classes.














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