May 26, 2020


For centuries the Vietnamese have used the treasures offered by nature to take care of their body and health. Fruits, flowers, trees, and minerals are amazingly diverse and qualitative in Vietnam and were always at the center of grandma’s skincare routines.







Nowadays, most of the time, natural skincare products made of local plants has been replaced by foreign cosmetic brands in many Vietnamese beauty routines. Only 10% of skincare products used today in Vietnam are from local brands. International brands are renowned, but they don’t offer the products thought to suit Vietnamese skin issues like acne, pollution, and sun damage. Today, as awareness develops towards more natural ingredients, some local Vietnamese skincare brands using the best natural ingredients that Vietnam has to offer with respect for the planet are rising to the fore., a company created in early 2019, born from the passion of 2 foreigners who fell in love with Vietnam felt that Vietnam needed a platform that could gather those brands together to help consumers connect with the products offered by this generous land.




Spa Wellness Relax concept.


My Natural Beauty carefully selects trustworthy products made with love and passion, with a concern for their users’ well-being. On the website, users will find only Vietnamese brands using the best, natural, and mainly local, ingredients. The company aims to offer natural skincare for every budget and to provide natural skincare everywhere in Vietnam.  No need to live in Hanoi or HCMC to find natural skincare, they deliver everywhere in Vietnam. Currently, there are over 400 natural products listed, made by 19 local Vietnamese brands: body care, face care, hair care, and the largest selection of natural soaps in Vietnam!





The company knows that it is not an easy thing to change consumers’ habits, however, is there to support those who are starting their journey towards both natural beauty and responsible consumption and help them to promote only safe brands good for the body and the planet.








It is of the utmost importance to the company to create a sense of community and a safe place to start a beauty revolution. On their website and their social media they are committed to helping, with expert advice and self-care tips for a healthier life. To learn more about My Natural Beauty, its brands, and an assortment of natural and unique cosmetic products, visit their website HERE or join their Facebook and Instagram communities.







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