Meet La Pham – A fashion brand promoting Vietnamese heritage and sustainability

September 19.2023




Although the Ao Dài of Vietnam are well-known, contemporary Vietnamese attire can be just as stunning. La Pham, a fashion brand promoting Vietnamese heritage and sustainability since 2016 showcase the beauty of the country’s traditional Ao dai and Ao yem while embracing a contemporary aesthetics. And the outcome is astounding.





Since its inception, the brand has cultivated a fashion vision that combines global influences with traditional Vietnamese aesthetics and heritage. The brand’s creative director has lived in Switzerland for 20 years, but she still feels incredibly connected to her Vietnamese heritage. Because of this, she has always given special attention to sustainability, cross-cultural fusion, wearer comfort, real quality with a certain amount of minimalism.





The meeting of the classic and the contemporary, and the attention to detail that is present are also at play in all the designer’s collection Everything appears classy yet cozy—the essentials of a daily wardrobe. Through her collections, the designer uses environmentally friendly production techniques to advance sustainable fashion. In fact, the company works with suppliers of high-quality, locally sourced materials, aiding in the preservation of Vietnamese craft villages as a result. La Pham also actively supports local, national, and international environmental organizations and associations that work to protect women, enabling them to maintain their ethnic and cultural identities.




Photo courtesy: La Pham


La Pham stores: 

La Pham Boutique: 3A Lý Đạo Thành Street. Ho Chi Minh

La Pham Design Studio: 3rd Floor, 125D Lò Đúc street – Hanoi






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