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August 17.2021







Around 3 years ago, during a windy storm, Igari Tomoka, the 26-year-old member of group “Steam girls” was wandering down the street when the strength of the wind caused a large sign to fall directly on top of her. The injuries were severe, including broken bones and heavy damage to the face and arms, but most heartbreaking for an up-and-coming idol was the news that the incident had caused her to be permanently paralyzed from the waist down. For most idols it would be a career-ending injury, but Igari Tomoka, was determined to return to the stage, and with the support of her management has been able to continue her full activities as an idol. Now, few years after the initial accident, she uses a wheelchair, still is an idol, became an actress, and is even an ambassador to para-sports.








Available in : Vietnamese

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