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I-Hua will be the first Asian model to represent the brand worldwide. It is a major statement to the world that such an international beauty brand would like to show the diverse range of beauty ideals. Just to be clear, model Shu Pei represented the brand previously, but she is not the global ambassador.




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I-Hua is a Taiwanese model and will join the gang of others drops dead popular which includes models like Jourdan Dunn, Gigi Hadid, Christy Turlington, Emily DiDonato, and Herieth Paul.













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According to the interview with medias, Wu has battled with insecurities about her looks. She used to prefer to wear circle lenses to make her eyes look bigger because she thought she’d look ugly without them. She was also bullied in school for being too tall. But now she is learning how to be confidence and beautiful just as the way she is.







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“As long as you think you’re beautiful, you will be beautiful,” –  I-Hua.













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It is good to see the rise of Asian models in the International fashion industry. We hope to see some face from Vietnam one day!

Pics from Wu’s Instagram






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