The latest beauty product from South Korean has landed. It promises to be a one-step solution that reduces wrinkles while also whitening the skin. An online videoclip for the Max Clinic Cirmage Lifting Stick has attracted more than 9 million Facebook views worldwide as it appears to show ‘brand new skin’ results in less than fifteen minutes.





Korean beauty company, Max Clinic released the controversial product onto the market in March this year. The accompanying advertisement clip showed an older woman with deep wrinkles and sagging skin around her eyes. With just a few simple swipes of the Cirmage Lifting Stick the older woman’s skin was smoothed and her age appeared dramatically decreased, as did the lines on her face. So for those who are interested here’s how to use the Cirmage Lifting Stick to dramatically reduce the appearance of your age in just a few minutes.











  1. Using B side (C side) from the lower neck and lift skin for 2~3 times then press the back side of ears gently.
  2. Using B side (C side), apply from the chin to below ears 1~2 times.
  3. Using B side (C side), apply 1~2 times from the chin to temple.
  4. Using B side (C side), apply 1~2 times from the end of lips to temple.
  5. Using B side (C side), apply 1~2 times from the side of nose to temple.
  6. Using the edge of A side, apply 1~2 times from the front of the eyebrow to temple.
  7. Using B side (C side), apply 1~2 times on eye bags
  8. Using A side, apply 2~3 times from the eyebrow to hair line.
  9. Using A side, apply from the centre of the hair line to temple then press gently to finish.

If you follow the above steps using Max Clinic’s Cirmage Lifting Stick effects achieved should include; increased hairline elasticity, lifting of parts of the face including the eye area and below the chin, tightening of the skin, improved blood circulation, lifting of the lip area and reduction of wrinkles around the neck as well as general anti-ageing around the face area.






So is it magic, or clever photography? The Max Clinic Cirmage Lifting Stick has been hugely anticipated with pre-orders selling out worldwide in the first few weeks of it’s release. Since then reviews so far have been mixed, sales and demand remain high while the few beauty bloggers that have tired and tested the product do not rate the product as positively as anticipated. Max Clinic has caught up with orders and the product is available to buy online, if you try if for yourself we’d love to hear your opinion. Is the Max Clinic Cirmage Lifting Stick a magic wand, or simply another clever photography trick?

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