Lycra and Qore develop next gen ‘bio-derived’ lycra fibre at scale

May 25.2023




LYCRA Company, a leader in the creation of cutting-edge fiber solutions and technologies for the textile and apparel industries, is now working with Qore, which manufactures 1,4-butanediol* (BDO) QIRA® branded renewable materials, enabling the first industrially significant commercial production of elastane derived from renewable sources. Thus, 70% of the raw materials used to make the LYCRA® fiber will be renewable. When compared to a comparable product made from fossil fuels, this modification could cut the carbon footprint of LYCRA® fiber by up to 44%** while maintaining the same high-performance standards as LYCRA fiber ® conventionally.

QIRA® will be manufactured at Cargill’s biotechnology campus in Eddyville, Iowa. The site will be operational from 2024. The first renewable LYCRA® fiber made with QIRA® will be produced at The LYCRA Company site in Tuas (Singapore) in 2024. The LYCRA Company is currently always seeking commitments from brands and retailers seeking bio-based solutions for their apparel. It will be possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions thanks to the first generation of renewable LYCRA® fiber made with QIRA®, which will use raw materials derived from industrial corn produced by Iowan farmers. The other advantage for producers, brands, and retailers is that there is no change in fiber performance, obviating the need to redesign fabrics, patterns, or processes. This is in addition to replacing a finite resource with one that is yearly renewable.







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