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March 6.2021


Today with the Covid epidemic, we became more aware of nature and its ability to bring us back to ourselves and that’s why Loewe’s last perfume collection “Botanical Rainbow” arrives at the perfect time.





The eight iconic fragrance families are now united by a single flask design and every scent expresses its individual spirit through a singular shade from a botanical rainbow of color.

Made of magic fragrances, the line is designed to uplift our senses and make us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves: Nature. After all, these scents are, as the brand puts it, an “embrace of botanical art and human nature.”






Nature is a reoccurring influence for Loewe. Last year, already, the brand debuted its first home fragrance range with scents influenced by creative director Jonathan Anderson’s vegetable garden. The collection “Botanical Rainbow” reveals classic rectangular perfume bottles that are reproduced in a palette of different colors transformed by Jonathan Anderson as color, touch, and smell system.







Each of the 28 scents falls into one of six families (Agua, Aire, Aura, Esencia, 7 and Pour Homme). Standouts include the Solo Esencia, a fresh (and enticing) spicy scent; the Aire Sutileza, a fun, flirty scent with a fruity finish; and the citrusy Agua, which is the scent to try if you’re living in a hot climate.







To celebrate this new chapter of Loewe fragrance, the brand has once again collaborated with celebrated photographer Tyler Mitchell. Mitchell’s still life images are suffused with a painterly light that lends an almost dream-like quality to their depiction of perfume bottles alongside Ikebana floral arrangements. As always, Loewe’s visual references are carefully considered and the inclusion of Ikebana, the Japanese art of floral arranging, highlights the project’s celebration of nature.

In a time when we could all perhaps use a bit of healing, Loewe’s sweet-smelling fragrances offer some olfactory escapism and their rainbow bottles a light-hearted bit of visual relief.


Photo courtesy : Loewe







Available in : Vietnamese

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