Due to the developing situation in Vietnam and the world concerning Covid 19, this article will be updated continuously to keep you updated with the latest relevant news about Vietnam. Last update on June 4, 2020.



June 4

No new COVID-19 cases in Việt Nam on Wednesday evening. Info HERE


Expat life in the ‘new normal’: how will COVID-19 affect the way we travel, live and work abroad?. Info HERE

The COVID-19 pandemic has had large-scale effects on all aspects of life. From trade flows to tourism, the spread of the disease has highlighted the vulnerabilities inherent in a globalised and interconnected world.


Vietnam to give exceptional entry permission to foreign sports experts. Info HERE

The Vietnam Sports Administration (VSA) is seeking special approval for some essential international sports experts and coaches to enter Vietnam and be quarantined as per regulations to prepare local athletes and sports teams for upcoming tournaments.


Amazing! British pilot, most critically ill COVID-19 patient in Vietnam came off life support. Info HERE

Vietnam’s most critically ill COVID-19 patient, a British pilot, came off life support on Wednesday morning, health officials announced.





June 3

COVID-19 figures in Việt Nam on Wednesday morning. 0 new cases confirmed. Total 328. Info HERE


Vietnam moving toward new phase with no active COVID-19 cases. Info HERE

Vietnam will soon enter a phase with no active novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases as over 90 percent of its patients have recovered.


British Covid-19 patient returns from the dead, smiles. Info HERE

Vietnam’s most critical Covid-19 patient who’d been comatose for months smiled as doctors talked to him on Tuesday.


Vietnamese airlines resume most domestic routes. Info HERE

 Vietnamese airlines have resumed most domestic flights after the country has gone almost 50 days without community transmission of the coronavirus.





June 2

No new COVID-19 cases reported on Tuesday morning. Info HERE


Two Mekong Delta provinces Covid-19 free after 14 recoveries. Info HERE

Fourteen patients in the Mekong Delta provinces of Bac Lieu and Dong Thap were confirmed Covid-19 free Monday evening.


Special flight brings home 344 Vietnamese from Australia, New Zealand. Info HERE

Vietnam brought back 344 of its citizens from Australia and New Zealand by a special flight on Tuesday morning.


Vietnam seeks to attract tourists from coronavirus-safe countries. Info HERE

The Vietnamese tourism ministry has been tasked with drawing up plans to attract foreign tourists from countries that have kept novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at bay, according to a government resolution last week.


Health of British COVID-19 patient continues to improve during treatment in Ho Chi Minh City. Info HERE

A British pilot who has been seriously ill with novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to exhibit more positive signs during his treatment in Ho Chi Minh City.






June 1

COVID-19 figures in Việt Nam on Monday morning. Info HERE


Vietnam repatriated 344 citizens from the biggest Covid-19 hotspot in Southeast Asia. Info HERE

A Vietnam Airlines flight Sunday repatriated 344 Vietnamese citizens from Singapore, currently the biggest Covid-19 hotspot in Southeast Asia.






31 May

No new COVID-19 cases reported on Sunday morning. Info HERE


Covid-19 restrictions drop five-month foreign arrivals by 50 pct. Info HERE

With borders closed and international flights suspended since late March, Vietnam’s January-May intake of foreign tourists dropped 48.8 percent year-on-year to 3.73 million.


Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh city getting ready to welcome foreign experts. Info HERE

The HCM City Department of Health has issued guidelines for medical surveillance of foreign experts coming from abroad as part of COVID-19 prevention efforts.


British pilot, Vietnam’s sickest COVID-19 patient, might not need lung transplant as health improves: doctors. Info HERE

A British pilot who is Vietnam’s most critically ill coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patient has exhibited health improvement and may not need a lung transplant, previously believed to be the only viable option to save his life, after all, doctors said Friday.


With pandemic under control, Ninh Bình opens arms to tourists. Info HERE

Hundreds of boats wait for passengers at a dock on a bright, sunny morning.






30 May

One more imported case of COVID-19 reported on Saturday morning, total at 328. Info HERE

A one-year-old baby returning from Russia has become the 328th COVID-19 case in Việt Nam, the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control reported on Saturday morning.


243 pregnant Vietnamese women repatriated from Taiwan. Info HERE

243 pregnant women, some of them close to their due dates, were among 343 Vietnamese citizens repatriated from Taiwan Friday.


Vietnam still not open to international visitors. Info HERE

Vietnam is still not open to international visitors, while it is yet to be decided when the Southeast Asian country will start welcoming foreign tourists again, according to the National Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control.


Vietnam works to prevent second wave of COVID-19. Info HERE

Vietnam’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic has drawn international praise. For more than 40 days Vietnam has had no new cases of community transmission and not a single COVID-19 death has been reported. As a second wave of the epidemic begins to appear in many countries, the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Response and public health experts are urging strengthened preventive measures.





29 May

No new COVID-19 cases on Friday morning. Info HERE


Vietnam to open borders to visitors from coronavirus-free countries. Info HERE

Vietnam would consider opening its borders to foreign visitors – if the country they are coming from has gone 30 days without any new cases of COVID-19, experts have said.


Vietnam’s Hoi An rebooting all tourist activities. Info HERE

As Vietnam has gone 42 days without community transmission of Covid-19, authorities of ancient town Hoi An decided to recommence all tourism activities next Monday.


UK consul general thanks Vietnam for treating British citizens ill with COVID-19. Info HERE

British Consul General to Ho Chi Minh City Ian Gibbons has sent a letter to the Ho Chi Minh City leadership and medical staff, expressing his gratitude for the city’s support for and treatment of British citizens ill with the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), according to the municipal Department of External Relations.


British pilot shows cognitive improvement in Ho Chi Minh City hospital. Info HERE

A British pilot with severe lung damage due to novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has shown cognitive improvement and is able to perform simple movements after doctors in Ho Chi Minh City took him off sedation.





28 May

VN’s COVID-19 update on Thursday morning. Info HERE

0 New cases confirmed. Total 327


Vietnam prepares to resume select international flights. Info HERE

The Transport Ministry has asked civil aviation authorities to submit plans by June 10 for reopening some international flight routes.


Comatose British Covid-19 patient back on dialysis. Info HERE

Vietnam’s most critically ill Covid-19 patient had to undergo dialysis again Tuesday after the treatment was stopped last Saturday.


Vietnam among the first economies likely to restart international tourism after the pandemic. Info HERE

WeSwap, the U.K.’s largest travel money provider, has listed Vietnam among the first economies likely to restart international tourism following the Covid-19 pandemic.



27 mai

Le Vietnam signale un autre cas importé de COVID-19. Infos ICI

Le Vietnam a signalé un autre cas importé de COVID-19 mardi après-midi, portant le nombre total d’infections dans le pays à 327.


Le Vietnam accordera un visa électronique aux citoyens de 80 pays à partir du 1er juillet. Infos ICI

Le Premier ministre vietnamien Nguyen Xuan Phuc vient de signer la résolution 79 / NQ-CP sur la liste de 80 pays, que leurs citoyens sont éligibles pour le visa électronique (e-Visa) et la liste des portes frontalières internationales, qui permettent aux étrangers d’entrer et sortir avec e-Visa.


Le Vietnam fournit des masques faciaux au Japon et ramène au pays 340 citoyens bloqués. Infos ICI

Un avion  Vietnam Airlines a envoyé des masques faciaux du Vietnam au Japon et a ramené 340 citoyens vietnamiens bloqués dans le pays d’Asie de l’Es en raison du Covid 19.


L’OMS met en garde contre un «deuxième pic» dans les régions où le déclin de Covid-19. Info ICI 

Les pays où les infections à coronavirus sont en baisse pourraient encore faire face à un “deuxième pic immédiat” s’ils abandonnaient trop tôt les mesures pour mettre fin à l’épidémie, a déclaré l’OMS lundi.





May 27

Việt Nam reports one more imported case of COVID-19. Info HERE

Việt Nam reported one more imported case of COVID-19 on Tuesday afternoon, raising the total number of infections in the country to 327.


Vietnam to grant e-visa to the citizens of 80 countries from July 1st. Info HERE

Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has just signed the 79/NQ-CP resolution on the list of 80 countries, which their citizens are eligible for the electronic visa (e-Visa) and the list of international border gates, which allow foreigners to enter and exit with e-Visa.


Vietnam supplies face masks to Japan, brings home 340 stranded citizens. Info HERE

A plane operated by national carrier Vietnam Airlines has transported face mask supplies from Vietnam to Japan and brought back 340 Vietnamese citizens who were stranded in the East Asian country because of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.


WHO warns of ‘second peak’ in areas where Covid-19 declining. Info HERE
Countries where coronavirus infections are declining could still face an “immediate second peak” if they let up too soon on measures to halt the outbreak, the WHO said on Monday.




May 26

No new cases in Việt Nam on Tuesday morning. Info HERE


Student returning from France is Vietnam’s latest Covid-19 patient. Info HERE

A female student repatriated from France was confirmed positive for the novel coronavirus by the Health Ministry Monday evening.


Comatose British Covid-19 patient given antibiotic combination. Info HERE

Doctors gave Vietnam’s most critical Covid-19 patient a combination of three drugs Monday to eliminate a bacterium identified to have infected his lungs.


280,000 tested for COVID-19 in Vietnam to date. Info HERE

The Ministry of Health stated that approximately 280,000 people in the country have been screened for the disease to date.





May 25

No new Covid-19 case Monday morning. Info HERE

Vietnam confirmed no new Covid-19 case Monday morning, also marking the 39th straight day without new infections caused by community transmission.





May 24

New imported COVID-19 case detected. Info HERE

A 34-year-old Vietnamese woman who flew home from Russia on May 13 is the latest person to test positive for COVID-19.


Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City will grant new work permits to foreigners from pandemic-hit countries. Info HERE

The Vietnam’s largest city of Ho Chi Minh city is asking approval to grant new work permits to foreign experts or highly skilled workers arriving from COVID-19-affected countries and territories, especially those in charge of the two metro lines in the city.






May 23

No new COVID-19 cases in Việt Nam on Saturday morning. Info HERE


PM Phúc shares secrets behind Việt Nam’s success in fighting COVID-19. Info HERE

Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc made the comments on Thursday in response to questions from Hà Nội-based correspondents of foreign media including US’ Bloomberg, Russia’s TASS news agency and Japan’s NHK TV and Akahata newspaper.


Vietnam weighs up repatriation of British COVID-19 patient in critical condition. Info HERE

Vietnamese authorities are considering the possibility of repatriating a 43-year-old British pilot who has been cleared of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) but still relies on life support.


Vietnam exports 20,000 Covid-19 test kits. Info HERE

Vietnam has exported 20,000 Covid-19 test kits to eight countries so far.





May 22

No new COVID-19 cases in Việt Nam on Friday morning. Info HERE


It’s not over: Vietnam warned against Covid-19 complacency. Info HERE

Officials cautioned the public against letting their guard down as Vietnam began day 36 without community transmission of Covid-19 Friday morning.


Nearly 240 Vietnamese return from Myanmar aboard Vietjet flight. Info HERE

Almost 240 Vietnamese arrived in Da Nang on board a Vietjet flight on Thursday as part of Vietnam’s drive to bring back citizens stuck in foreign countries because of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, according to the central government


Vietnam province to isolate 1,000+ foreign steel, oil experts. Info HERE

Over 1,000 highly-skilled foreign specialists will enter quarantine early June before deployment at oil and steel projects in the central province of Quang Ngai.


2 million Made-in-Vietnam hand sanitiser bottles exported to US, EU. Info HERE

Up to 2 million bottles of hand sanitiser which use silver nanoparticles from the Center for Research and Development of Ho Chi Minh City High-Tech Park (SHTPLabs) have been exported to Europe, the United States, and Canada since the initial outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic.


Two more Covid-19 patients recover in Hanoi. Info HERE

Two Covid-19 patients in Hanoi, including a relapse, have fully recovered, it was confirmed Thursday, bringing Vietnam’s active cases down to 58.





May 21

Day 35 begins without Covid-19 community transmission. Info HERE

Vietnam began Thursday morning with no new Covid-19 infection, also recording the 35th straight day without community transmission of the novel coronavirus.


Street vendors struggle to earn livelihood as pandemic hits tourism. Info HERE


Vietnam-EU trade pact could boost post pandemic recovery. Info HERE

The trade pact with E.U. could help the Vietnamese economy recover from pandemic impacts by boosting trade and creating jobs, the government says.


British COVID-19 patient’s lungs improve, still relies on life support in Vietnam. Info HERE

A 43-year-old British pilot who has been critically sickened by novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has had the condition of his lungs slightly improve, while doctors are still exerting their best efforts to prepare for his lung transplant.




May 20

Vietnam enters 34th day without coronavirus community infections. Info HERE

Vietnam has remained clear of Covid-19 community transmission for 34 straight days as no fresh case was confirmed on Tuesday morning, Vietnam News Agency reported, according to the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control.


Vietnam’s domestic tourism is now on the rise. Info HERE

In Phu Quoc, a Vietnamese island off the coast of Cambodia, posters warning tourists of the dangers of COVID-19 have long since faded in the powerful sunshine, and the throngs of international travelers that used to dot its beaches have thinned.


From hero to zero: Unemployed urbanites lose out to Covid-19. Info HERE

Having suddenly lost their jobs, many city dwellers are in free fall, grabbing at any possible opportunity amid uncertainty and stress.






May 19

Vietnam records no new Covid-19 case Tuesday morning. Info HERE

Vietnam enters day 33 without Covid-19 community infection as no new coronavirus infection was confirmed Tuesday morning.


Vietnam to automatically extend temporary residence permit for foreigners stranded by COVID-19. Info HERE

Vietnam will automatically extend temporary residence permits for foreigners stuck in the country because of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), as long as they meet certain conditions.


Vietnam records four more coronavirus cases Monday evening, taking its total infections to 324. Info HERE

Two new patients are flight attendants on a repatriation flight from Russia, while two others were repatriated citizens on a similar flight from the U.S. All were quarantined upon arrival.




May 18

No new coronavirus case reported in Vietnam Monday morning. Info HERE

The Vietnam’s Ministry of Health confirmed no new Covid-19 patients Monday morning, marking the 32th consecutive day that there’s no community transmission of the disease.


Covid-19 under control in Vietnam despite waves of infected returnees: expert. Info HERE

Vietnam has done well in detecting and curbing Covid-19 infection, and its health sector is coping easily, a senior public health official said.


Two more Russia returnees test Covid-19 positive. Info HERE

The Health Ministry confirmed two new Covid-19 patients Sunday evening, both Vietnamese repatriated from Russia, raising the country’s infection tally to 320.





May 17

After 30 days of no community infection, Vietnam mulls declaring end of COVID-19 epidemic. Info HERE

Vietnam has gone 30 straight days without a novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infection among the community, as the national committee on the disease prevention and control has made a proposal to proclaim the end of the epidemic in the country.


Việt Nam confirms four new COVID-19 cases, all from abroad, raising total to 318. Info HERE

The National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control on Saturday afternoon announced four new imported cases of COVID-19 in Việt Nam, including two returning from Russia, one from the Philippines and one from Cambodia.


Vietnam repatriates over 500 stranded citizens from US, Europe. Info HERE

Vietnam is bringing home on special flights more than 500 citizens stranded in Europe and the U.S., current epicenters of the Covid-19 pandemic.





May 16

One more imported case of COVID-19 detected. Info HERE

Another passenger returning to Việt Nam from Russia has tested positive for COVID-19.


Vietnam goes all out to try and save British Covid-19 patient. Info HERE

Vietnam has spent $172,000-$215,000 over the past two months on its most critically ill British patient, a pilot claiming to have no relatives.







May 15

24 repatriates are Vietnam’s latest Covid-19 patients. Info HERE

Vietnam’s Covid-19 tally jumped to 312 Friday morning after 24 citizens repatriated from Russia were confirmed positive.


More attractions in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi reopened. Info HERE

Many attractions and monuments in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are welcoming visitors again after being shuttered for almost two months for COVID-19.


26 Vietnamese people volunteer to donate lungs to British pilot. Info HERE

As many as 26 Vietnamese people have volunteered to donate part of their lungs to save a critically ill British pilot, Việt Nam’s 91st COVID-19 patient, the National Co-ordination Centre for Human Organ Transplantation has said.


4,300 stranded overseas Vietnamese will be repatriated from several countries. Info HERE

Civil aviation authorities say around 4,300 Vietnamese will be repatriated from several countries on 15 special flights by mid-June.


Nearly 279,000 residents affected by COVID-19 receive support in Ho Chi Minh City. Info HERE

More than VND324 billion (US$13.8 million) worth of financial support has been given to nearly 279,000 people affected by the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City.





May 14

Vietnam begins day 28 without Covid-19 community infection. Info HERE

With no new Covid-19 case confirmed Thursday morning, Vietnam entered its 28th consecutive day without community infection of the virus.


Việt Nam ranks second globally for COVID-19 response. Info HERE

With an index score of 77, Việt Nam is ranked second globally by its citizens for its COVID-19 response, and first among Southeast Asian countries, according to a newly released study of over 23 countries and territories by Singapore-based social research agency Blackbox.


Free Legal Help Available for All Foreigners in Vietnam. Info HERE

If you are a foreigner living and working in Vietnam and are not familiar with the legal procedure of the host country, it may lead to significant difficulties in protecting your legal rights and interests.


All business fields suffer except pharmacies, food companies. Info HERE

The Q1 finance reports released by enterprises in nearly all business fields, from manufacturing and real estate to aviation and oil and gas, show big losses. Large enterprises have reported huge losses of trillions of dong.


Vietnam stop considering new airlines establishment due to COVID-19. Info HERE

Vietnam will not consider applications for new airlines as it looks to prioritize the recovery of its aviation sector after the impact of the novel coronavirus, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) said on Wednesday.


Two people register to donate lungs to British pilot in critical condition. Info HERE

A 40-year-old woman and a 70-year-old veteran have registered to donate their lungs to a seriously sick British pilot who was Việt Nam’s 91st COVID-19 patient.


British COVID-19 patient has 90% of lungs damaged, transplant required. Info HERE

A 43-year-old British pilot critically sickened by novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Ho Chi Minh City is now in need of a lung transplant as only ten percent of his lungs remains functional, according to doctors.


Street food vendors required to wear face masks. Info HERE

Food street vendors will be required to wear face masks from now on in an attempt to ensure food safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19


HCM City travel firms launch new tours, discounts to stimulate demand. Info HERE

Travel firms and tour operators in HCM City are offering a range of domestic tours with attractive discounts to revive demand after the COVID-19 shutdown.






May 13

Vietnam stays clear of Covid-19 community infection for 27 straight days. Info HERE

No new Covid-19 case was recorded Wednesday morning, marking day 27 straight that Vietnam has gone without community transmission of the disease.


HCMC discharges three Brazilian relapsed Covid-19 patients. Info HERE

A HCMC hospital discharged three Brazilian Covid-19 patients Tuesday – all relapsed cases, bringing Vietnam’s active cases down to 36.


Việt Nam ranked among top post-pandemic travel destinations. Info HERE

The New York-based travel magazine Travel + Leisure has named Việt Nam on its list of the top 17 destinations for tourists after the COVID-19 crisis ends.


Vietnamese company creates made-from-coffee face masks. Info HERE

In the midst of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, a Vietnamese private company has hit the home run with its unique product: face masks made from coffee fiber.






May 12

Vietnam free of coronavirus community infection for 26 days in a row. More than 12,000 returning from abroad. Info HERE

The Vietnam’s Ministry of Health reported no new coronavirus case on Tuesday morning, meaning Vietnam has gone 26 days clean of community transmission of the virus.


Vietjet offers 3 million promotion tickets as domestic services fully restored. Info HERE

After restoring flight operations on all 45 domestic air routes, Vietnam’s low-cost carrier Vietjet Air has announced a massive deal offering three million air tickets that cost as little as VND18,000 (US$0.77).


A message for foreign tourists: challenges to reopening Vietnam. Info HERE

With Vietnam being praised globally for its Coronavirus response by following the guidelines of ‘Test, Trace, Isolate’ set by the WHO and effectively ridding the community transmission of the virus, many are wondering when international travel with be able to resume.


Vietnamese returning from Malaysia test negative for SARS-CoV-2. Info HERE

A total of 274 Vietnamese citizens returning from Malaysia have tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 according to the city’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC)


Eight coronavirus patients recover in Hanoi. Info HERE

Eight Covid-19 patients in Hanoi were declared free of the virus Monday, bringing the number of active patients in Vietnam down to 39.





May 11

Vietnam goes 25 days without Covid-19 community infection. Info HERE

The Health Ministry confirmed no new Covid-19 case Monday morning, marking day 25 without any infection caused by community transmission.


Vietnam brings home more than 270 Vietnamese citizens from Malaysia. Info HERE

The flight VN674 which was operated by Vietnam Airlines from Kuala Lumpur landed at the Danang International Airport at 8pm on May 10.


AmCham Chair: Vietnam has done an outstanding job in containing the coronavirus. Info HERE

The Government and people of Vietnam have done an “outstanding job” in effectively containing the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), according to Virginia Foote, national chair of the AmCham Vietnam.




May 10

Sunday morning, Vietnam has NO new cases of coronavirus to report. Global cases pass 4 million.No new COVID-19 infection cases were reported on May 10 morning, according to the Vietnam’s Ministry of Health. Info HERE


276 Vietnamese citizens were flown home from Canada. Info HERE

Many as 276 Vietnamese citizens were flown home from Vancouver, Canada, on May 8 and 9.


Vietnam considers lung transplant as ‘last resort’ for critical British COVID-19 patient. Info HERE

Vietnam considers lung transplant as ‘last resort’ for critical British COVID-19 patient Vietnam’s Ministry of Health is considering offering a lung transplant as a last resort to save a British man in Ho Chi Minh City infected with the novel coronavirus that causes the respiratory disease called COVID-19.




May 9

Covid-19: Vietnam claims 23 days free of community transmissions. Info HERE

Vietnam says it has stopped community transmission of Covid-19, effectively eliminating the virus. But officials have warned against complacency, saying it does not mean a total end to new coronavirus cases.


Vietnam brings 343 citizens home from world’s Covid-19 epicenter. Info HERE

Vietnam brought home 343 citizens from the U.S., the world’s Covid-19 epicenter, on a Vietnam Airlines direct flight Friday.





May 8

Saigon allows the resumption most of non-essential services as Vietnam records no new Covid-19 case for 22 days in a row. Info HERE

The largest city of Vietnam to allow the resumption most of non-essential services according to the latest decision by the HCM City People’s Committee today, according to a report by VNExpress.


Vietnam goes 22 consecutive days without new local Covid-19 infections. Info HERE

Vietnam has not recorded any new Covid-19 infections in the community for 22 straight days. the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control said Friday morning, the number of cases still stands at 288.


Vietnam Airlines to increase flight frequency from May 16. Info HERE

Members of the Vietnam Airlines Group, including Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific and Vietnam Air Service Company (Vasco) plan to increase the frequency of flights from May 16 to meet the increasing travel demand of passengers after the COVID-19 outbreak ends.


Vietnam’s Vingroup to donate 2,400 domestically produced ventilators to Russia, Ukraine. Info HERE

The embassies of Russia and Ukraine in Vietnam have signed memoranda of agreement on Wednesday with Vietnam’s biggest listed firm Vingroup for the future transfer of 2,400 invasive ventilators manufactured by the firm.





May 7

17 repatriated Vietnamese test Covid-19 positive. Info HERE

Vietnam confirmed 17 new Covid-19 cases Thursday evening, all of them repatriated on a flight from the UAE and quarantined upon arrival.


The pandemic can’t stop Vietnam’s export turnover growth. Info HERE
Vietnam’s export turnover increased by 4.7 percent year on year to nearly 83 billion USD in the first four months of 2020 despite an interruption to orders from key importers in Europe, American and Japan due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Wear anti-drop masks is not necessary: Hanoi mayor. Info HERE

To ensure safety for Hanoi’s students, classes have been disinfected, while antiseptic solution and electronic thermometers have been made available. Classes should not be divided into two halves to attend in the morning and afternoon shifts and wearing anti-drop masks at school is not necessary, quoted Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee as saying at a local government regular meeting on May 6.


Vietnam begins day 21 without Covid-19 community infection. Info HERE

Vietnam has gone five days in a row without new Covid-19 patients and 21 days straight without any infections caused by community transmission.


Patients retesting positive after having recovered from novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are not contagious, a Vietnamese expert said.. Info HERE

They cannot transmit the pathogen because their body simply contains the remains of the virus after their recovery, said Nguyen Van Kinh, former director of the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi.


Ten-year-old Covid-19 patient tested positive again after recovery. Info HERE

A 10-year-old boy in Ho Chi Minh City has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 again a month after being successfully treated and discharged from hospital.


British pilot among Vietnam’s two sickest COVID-19 cases in treatment. Info HERE

A 43-year-old British pilot, one of the only two serious cases of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) still receiving treatment in Vietnam, remained in a critical condition as of late Tuesday, according to an official report.


Severely suffer from Covid-19, investors put hotels up for sale. Info HERE

The owners of small and 3-4-star hotels, valued at tens or hundreds of billion of dong, have suffered the most from COVID-19.


Closed border prevents Cambodia children from attending schools in Vietnam. Info HERE

More than 1,300 Vietnamese children living in Cambodia but studying in schools in Vietnam cannot attend classes now since borders are closed.


Health ministry, UNICEF Vietnam launch ‘Kindness is Contagious’ campaign. Info HERE

UNICEF Vietnam and the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Wednesday launched a mass and social media campaign named ‘Kindness is Contagious’ to call on adolescents and young people to show support for their community by promoting mutual understanding, tolerance, inclusion and by sharing innovative and creative solutions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign is not only about what young people can do during the COVID-19 period, but also about what they may learn and do differently once the situation returns to normal.


Vietnam lifts social distancing restrictions on aircraft. Info HERE

Vietnamese carriers will be allowed to remove social distancing restrictions on aircraft and limitations on the number of passengers starting Thursday. The Transport Ministry also approved the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam’s (CAAV) proposal to lift limitations on flight frequency for carriers. They can increase flights on routes linked to Hanoi, HCMC and Da Nang depending on demand.


Special flight to take Australians home. Info HERE

The Australian Embassy and Vietnamese authorities are cooperating to organize a commercial flight to take stranded Australian citizens home Thursday night.


COVID-19: Laos agrees to facilitate repatriation of Vietnamese citizens. Info HERE

Lao authorities have agreed to allow Vietnamese citizens living and working in Laos to return to Việt Nam via international border gates, the Vietnamese Embassy in Laos said on Tuesday.


Vietnam to repatriate citizens from US Thursday. Info HERE

Vietnamese citizens are set to be repatriated Thursday from the U.S., the world’s Covid-19 epicenter, after a brief delay.





May 6

Vietnam enters day 20 without community transmission of Covid-19. Info HERE

The Health Ministry confirmed no fresh Covid-19 case Wednesday morning, meaning the nation remained clear of community transmissions for 20 consecutive days.


Vietnam to quarantine 1,300 plus foreign oil experts on arrival. Info HERE

The Health Ministry says around 1,330 highly skilled oil industry experts will be quarantined in the coming days as they enter the country.





May 5

Vietnam remains a safe destination for foreigners. Info HERE

Vietnam puts safety of its citizens and visitors the first and foremost, even at the cost of economic interest. Vietnam has reopened the economy for ten days, including tourism sector, and restarted schools on May 4 after having initially contained the novel coronavirus, partly fulfilling the promise to make itself a safe destination for foreign visitors.


Vietnamese expats eligible for Japan’s coronavirus subsidies. Info HERE

The Japanese government has decided on a coronavirus stimulus handout of 100,000 yen ($937) for all residents, including Vietnamese expats.


Theatres suffer drop in revenue due to pandemic. Info HERE

 The suspension of all art performances due to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused vast losses to theatres across the country and has forced cultural authorities to set up measures to help them get out of the situation.


Vietnam’s oldest COVID-19 patient beats virus. Info HERE

Vietnam announced 11 COVID-19 recoveries, including the country’s oldest patient, a 88-year-old woman, on Tuesday morning, taking the number of recovered cases to 232.


Most hotels and resorts to reopen this month with attractive promotions. Info HERE

 Most hotels and resorts in Việt Nam would resume operations in May with attractive promotions as the country was entering its post-pandemic recovery, Mauro Gasparotti, director of Savills Hotels Asia Pacific said.


Vietnam has no new coronavirus infection Tuesday morning, five patients will be discharged. Info HERE

The Vietnam’s Ministry of Health confirmed no fresh coronavirus case Tuesday morning, starting the country’s 19th day without any community transmission.


Recovered COVID-19 patient dies of cirrhosis in Vietnam. Info HERE

A patient who had recovered from novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) died of end-stage liver fibrosis in Vietnam last week, according to the national committee on COVID-19 prevention and control.


Ho Chi Minh City will test all international arrivals for COVID-19 four times. Info HERE

Authorities in Ho Chi Minh City announced on Sunday that all international arrivals will be screened for novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) four times during their mandatory 14-day quarantine.





May 4

Vietnam’s schools reopen after an over three-month break. Info HERE

Students in Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi will return to school from today (May 04) after an over three-month break due to the Covid-19 epidemic.


“Vietnam has tested nearly 800 people for each new coronavirus confirmed case, the highest ratio in the world”: The Guardian. Info HERE

While the mortality numbers climb into the hundreds of thousands across the world, Vietnam has managed to contain the outbreak of coronavirus through timeliness, aggressive infection control, mass mobilization of its population and an unprecedented level of openness.





May 3

British man tests positive for coronavirus. Info HERE

A British national has tested positive for the coronavirus, taking the total amount of COVID-19 cases in Việt Nam to 271.


Coronavirus: Vietnam claims no community cases as lockdown eases. Info HERE

The Vietnam Ministry of Health confirmed no new coronavirus cases Saturday evening, marking the 16th consecutive day that the country has seen no community transmission of Covid-19.


Rapid COVID-19 test kit with improved accuracy developed by researchers from Vietnam, Japan. Info HERE

Vietnamese researchers in collaboration with their peers from Japan have successfully developed a fast-result test kit for the COVID-19 with better accuracy than most rapid-result kits available on the market.




Mai 2

No new coronavirus cases to report on Saturday morning. Life back to normal in Vietnam. Info HERE

Saturday morning was the eighth day in a row that Vietnam confirmed no new Covid-19 patient, keeping its total count at 270 since last Friday.


Five COVID-19 relapse cases linked to Buddha bar in Saigon. Info HERE

Two COVID-19 patients linked to Buddha bar in Ho Chi Minh City, who had previously been given the all-clear from the respiratory caused by the novel coronavirus, have tested positive again, a local health official told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper on Friday night.


Vietnam wants to focus on developing COVID-19 vaccine: Deputy PM. Info HERE

Vietnam looks set to join a global race to develop a vaccine for novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)


Tourism sites busy on holidays after social distancing eased. Info HERE

Tourist attractions around Việt Nam have begun re-opening their doors after “hibernating” during the COVID-19 outbreak and hope to fully tap into the opportunities brought by the four-day National Reunification Day and International Labour Day holiday from April 30 to May 3.


Vietnam’s World Heritage site of Ha Long Bay reopened to visitors. Info HERE

Tourism services have been resumed on the World Heritage site of Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh province  from May 1 after a virus prevention period.




May 1

Vietnam starts International labor day without any new coronavirus cases. Info HERE

Vietnam has gone seven days in a row with no new coronavirus infections and 15 days without community transmissions.


Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh city isolates an apartment building over coronavirus fear. Info HERE

Saigon authorities had isolated the 1A-1B apartment building on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 1 where the relapsed patient resides. The building has been blocked off for disinfection, and 36 households or more than 90 residents have been isolated and had samples taken for Covid-19 testing.


Teenager recovers from COVID-19, but another patient relapses. Info HERE

A teenager from a remote ethnic minority community who contracted COVID-19 has made a full recovery, it was announced on Thursday. But details released on Saturday have revealed another person who had previously recovered has now relapsed


Vietnam has greatly improved over years: expats. Info HERE

A number of expats living and working in Vietnam have expressed their thoughts on the country’s developement during the past years, airing their opinion on the improvement the country has made.


Foreign woman stranded in Vietnam is at wits’ end. Info HERE

Mandy Makhanya fulfilled a lifelong dream by traveling overseas to teach English in Vietnam, but she did not know that the Covid-19 pandemic would turn her dream into a nightmare.





April 30

Vietnam does not have community transmission of COVID-19 in 14 days. Info HERE

Thursday morning sees no fresh Covid-19 cases in Vietnam, marking the sixth straight day the country stayed clear of new infections and the 14th consecutive day without community transmissions.




April 29

VN developing guidelines on plasma therapy to treat COVID-19. Info HERE

The Vietnamese health ministry confirmed that they would soon issue interim guidelines on the use of plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients as a possible treatment for the disease.


HCMC schools likely to reopen next Monday after prolonged Covid-19 break. Info HERE

Over 1.7 million students in HCMC would go back to school next Monday after a three-and-a-half month break, and Hanoi has planned to do so as well.




April 28

Vietnam Has Become One of Few Countries Are Squashing the Coronavirus Curve. Info HERE

Just some countries are squashing the coronavirus curve, Vietnam is one. The developing country of more than 95 million people has less than 300 cases and no deaths so far.


Vietnam’s Phu Quoc island reopened for tourists after lockdown. Info HERE

Phu Quoc and other islands off Kien Giang Province and tourist attraction sites reopened over the weekend after social distancing measures were eased.


Vietnam sees NO new coronavirus cases for 4 days in a rows. Info HERE

Tuesday morning marked the fourth straight day that Vietnam has stayed clear of new Covid-19 infection, keeping active cases at 48, including eight relapse cases.


Vietnam’s new regulations on work permits and immigration, things you should know. Info HERE

The Amended Law on Immigration for foreigners and the New Labor Code have been passed by the National Assembly of Vietnam and will take effect from 1 July 2020 and 1 January 2021 respectively.The changes concern new rules for who is entitled to a work permit exemption, the ability to renew work permits, procedures for changing visa types, and residence terms, amongst other matters


Hanoi students to return to schools from May 4th as coronavirus curve flattens. Info HERE

Students of High schools and Secondary schools will return to school from May 4, head of the city’s People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung said on Monday.


Second Coronavirus wave is ‘likely’ to break out, warns senior health expert. Info HERE

Despite the novel coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) brought under control in Vietnam, a second wave of the virus is likely to break out at any time if a complacent attitude creeps into public behaviour, warns a senior health expert.





April 27

Vietnam records no new coronavirus case Monday morning. Info HERE

Vietnam has entered its third consecutive day without any new infection, keeping its total count at 270 since Saturday morning.


Three more COVID-19 recovered patients test positive again. Info HERE

Three more COVID-19 patients in Việt Nam who previously were given the all-clear have tested positive again, the Treatment Subcommittee of the National Steering Committee on COVID-19 Prevention and Control reported Monday morning.


Banks urged to further support COVID-19 affected customers. Info HERE

Governor of the State Bank of Việt Nam Lê Minh Hưng has called on commercial banks to urgently simplify lending procedures to help COVID-19-affected firms easily access preferential interest rate loans.


British pilot retests positive for COVID-19 in Saigon, still in critical state: health department. Info HERE

A British pilot who has been treated for novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Ho Chi Minh City since March retested positive on Saturday, with doctors saying he is still in critical conditions.


How Vietnamese doctors treat critical coronavirus patients?Info HERE

Vietnamese doctors treat Covid-19 by using oxygen therapy, ventilators, antibiotics and antiviral drugs depending on the severity of the case.





April 26

No new coronavirus cases on Sunday morning, total stays at 270. Info HERE

The National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control confirmed no new coronavirus cases on Sunday morning.


Vietnam takes first steps to restart economy. Info HERE
Vietnam flattened its coronavirus infection curve with a sledgehammer, and after some early success, it’s now starting to open up its economy again.


Nearly 10,000 overseas Vietnamese returning home from abroad to shun pandemic. Info HERE

The HCMC’s health authority has been told to be prepared to receive and quarantine an estimated 10,000 Vietnamese returnees from abroad amid the coronavirus pandemic.





April 25

Vietnam records no new Covid-19 cases Saturday evening. Info HERE

The Health Ministry confirmed no new coronavirus cases Saturday evening, keeping the national count of active patients at 40.


With first battles won, Vietnam stays vigilant in enduring fight against COVID-19. Info HERE

People in Vietnam are told not to let their guard down although the country has seen a slowing rate of new novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases and social distancing rules have been relaxed.


Vietnamese children donate 20,000 face masks to UK after saving up ‘lucky money’. Info HERE

Amid the UK’s dire shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers, two children in Vietnamese capital Hanoi have apparently funded a gift of 20,000 facemasks which have been sent to Britain.


Should we worry about second wave of coronavirus?. Info HERE

After initial success, Japan and Singapore struggle with the second wave of coronavirus infections. Both countries had been praised for their initial efforts.


Vietnam starts Saturday with no new coronavirus infection. Info HERE

The Health Ministry confirmed no fresh Covid-19 case Saturday morning, keeping the nation’s tally at Friday evening’s 270.


Vietnam may have the most effective response to coronavirus. Info HERE

They’ve done it through mass mobilization of the health care system, public employees, and the security forces, combined with an energetic and creative public education campaign.


Vietnam reports 5 recovered Covid 19 Patients testing positive again, tally still 270. Info HERE

Vietnam recorded no new novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases on Saturday morning, with the national tally remaining at 270, but five people who had previously been given the all-clear have tested positive again.


HCMC serviced apartments suffer Covid-19 induced slump. Info HERE

The HCMC serviced apartments market saw Q1 average occupancy drop 17 percent year-on-year due to travel restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Restaurant air-conditioning spread the coronavirus to 9 people sitting near an infected person in China. Info HERE.

It has huge implications for the service industry. Three seemingly healthy families were struck by COVID-19 in January after dining at neighboring tables in a windowless restaurant in Guangzhou, China. Researchers studying the case think that the restaurant’s air-conditioner blew the viral droplets of one person who was asymptomatic farther than they might have normally gone. Nine other people across the three families later got sick.





April 24

Risk of COVID-19 transmission in community still high. Info HERE
Deputy Prime Minister Vũ Đức Đam said on Friday that people should be happy with the progress being made to tackle COVID-19, but insisted the risk of transmission in the community was still quite high despite Việt Nam’s efforts.


Vietnam reports two new imported coronavirus cases, total 270. Info HERE

Vietnam has reported two new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 270 after 8 days in a row, there have been no new cases recorded


Ho Chi Minh City reopens eateries, extends ban on entertainment facilities. Info HERE

The Ho Chi Minh City administration has lifted a ban on dine-in eating as part of its relaxation of social distancing rules, though authorities have yet to permit entertainment venues to resume operations. The city will continue to shutter beauty salons, cosmetic surgery and physiotherapy facilities, saunas, massage parlors, entertainment venues, spas, discos, karaoke shops, bars, beer clubs, online and video game centers, sports centers and indoor sports businesses, theaters, cinemas, and wedding reception venues. Local homestays and AirBnB lodging facilities are still not allowed to receive new guests.


Vietnam enters day eight without new Covid-19 case. Info HERE

Vietnam has kept its Covid-19 infection tally unchanged for eight straight days. The Health Ministry reports no fresh case Friday morning.


Patient 137 suspected to be positive again for Covid 19,  after recovery. Info HERE

After more than 1 month of treatment with 6 tests and negative results, on April 22, the patient was discharged from the hospital. Today the patient is suspected of being positive again.


In Vietnam, you can now book your flight tickets from less than half a US dollar. Info HERE

The Vietnam’s budget airline Vietjet Air has launched a promotional program with tickets for domestic flights priced from as little as VND9,000 (39 US cents), excluding tax and additional fees, between the golden hours of 12:00 and 14: 00 from April 23 to April 25.




April 23

Vietnam records no new Covid-19 case Thursday evening. Info HERE

Vietnam marked eight consecutive evenings without a new Covid-19 infection Thursday, keeping its national tally unchanged at 268, with 44 active cases.


Hà Nội to reopen schools from May 4. Info HERE

High schools and universities in Hà Nội plan to reopen from May 4, head of the city’s People’s Committee Nguyễn Đức Chung said on Wednesday.


Retail, restaurant chains ask government for financial support. Info HERE

Twenty-one retail and food and beverages businesses have petitioned the government for tax breaks and discounts on electricity and water.


Hanoi eateries regain composure as semi-lockdown relaxed. Info HERE

As social distancing measures are eased, many restaurants and coffee shops across Hanoi again welcomed customers Thursday.


Ho Chi Minh City ceases mass COVID-19 testing at airports, train stations. Info HERE

Ho Chi Minh City will stop its mass screening for novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at airports and train stations from Thursday as the city has recorded no new cases for more than two weeks, the municipal Center for Disease Control said the same day.


All passenger transport services in HCMC remain suspended. Info HERE

All passenger road transport services remain suspended until further notice in Ho Chi Minh City despite the relaxing of social distancing measures for novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the municipal transport department said in a statement late on Wednesday.


‘Zero-VND supermarket’ offers helping hand to the needy amid COVID-19. Info HERE

A recently opened supermarket in Ho Chi Minh City is offering shoppers five items of their choosing, free of charge, as part of a bid to mitigate the impacts of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on the city’s most vulnerable residents.


Da Nang reopens some commercial businesses, allows beach-going. Info HERE

The People’s Committee of Da Nang has allowed beach-going activities, all accommodation businesses, and a number of four-wheeled commercial passenger vehicles to resume operations after weeks of suspension.


Covid-19 musings: Foreigners feel upbeat in Vietnam. Info HERE

Foreigners in Saigon feel they are lucky to be in Vietnam during the coronavirus pandemic and are highly impressed by the country’s response.


Vietnam’s prime minister agrees to relax social distancing restrictions in Hanoi, Saigon. Info HERE
Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on Wednesday decided to ease social distancing measures in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, as the country has seen a slower infection rate of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) since early this month.


The dark days of foreign teachers in Vietnam will be over?. Info HERE

A coronavirus (COVID-19) stigma and loneliness add to the woes of foreign teachers who have lost their livelihoods due to the closure of schools.


Vietnam marks one week clean of new Covid-19 cases. Info HERE

The Health Ministry confirmed zero fresh case of Covid-19 on Thursday morning, marking seven days in a row that Vietnam has been clear of new patients.


Vingroup and Vietnam Airlines offer five-star vacations to thank frontline workers. Info HERE.

National flag carrier Vietnam Airlines and Vinpearl, a subsidiary of conglomerate Vingroup, have joined forces to launch a scheme aimed at showing their gratitude for workers on the frontline in the battle against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The plan will see both firms come together to put forward a proposal to the Ministry of Health regarding an offer of 5,000 five-star vacations that can be used for medical workers taking on the nation’s COVID-19 cases.





April 22

Vietnam marks sixth morning without new Covid-19 cases. Info HERE

Wednesday morning marked the sixth consecutive day in Vietnam without a new Covid-19 infection, keeping its tally unchanged at 268.


Vietnam’s leadership, public showing strong response to contain coronavirus said WHO. Info HERE

Vietnam is staying on top of its coronavirus infections as a result of strong leadership by the government and cooperation among its people in helping to contain the spread, the World Health Organization’s regional chief said on Tuesday.


Việt Nam to study effectiveness of tuberculosis vaccine in fighting COVID-19. Info HERE

Up to 800 Vietnamese frontline healthcare workers have agreed to take part in a clinical trial designed to test the effectiveness of a tuberculosis vaccine against COVID-19.


Urbanites prepare for post-social distancing era. Info HERE

Residents and business owners in Hanoi and HCMC prepare for a new normal, hoping the semi-lockdown would end with more postive Covid-19 news.


Vietnam’s film distribution association plead with gov’t for support for 10,000 employees. Info HERE

The Vietnam Film Distribution Association (VFDA) has appealed to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc for financial support from the government to avoid mass layoffs and an insolvency crisis resulting from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.


10 million Vietnamese workers affected by coronavirus pandemic: Info HERE

Up to 10.3 million workers could be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, losing jobs or seeing their incomes decline in the second quarter.


Vietnam to resume all domestic flights within this week. Info HERE

The authority proposed reconnecting flights from the capital city of Hanoi and business hub Ho Chi Minh City to other domestic destinations from April 23, and increasing the frequency of flights between three key routes.


Vietnam releases data on Internet access quality. Info HERE

Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) has released figures on the country’s Internet access quality for the first time, measuring download speed at 61.39 Mbps.




April 21

Saigon and Hanoi propose to ease social distancing after April 22. Info HERE

Vietnam’s largest cities Hanoi and HCM City have proposed to ease social distancing regulations after April 22.


COVID-19 social distancing: Saigon seeks demotion from ‘high-risk’ to ‘at-risk’ city. Info HERE

The Ho Chi Minh City administration has asked to be classified as an ‘at-risk’ locality, a demotion from its current ‘high-risk’ status, after the current phase of social distancing to curb the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic concludes on Wednesday.


Schools in low-risk provinces start operating after 3 months off. Info HERE

The northern province of Thái Bình and Mekong Delta province of Cà Mau were the two first localities in Việt Nam to let students return to schools on Monday after an extended closure due to COVID-19.


No new coronavirus infection in Vietnam, active cases drop to 54. Info HERE

The Health Ministry confirmed no new Covid-19 case Tuesday morning, keeping Vietnam’s active patient count at 54 with 214 discharged.


Retail industry face difficulties during COVID-19. Info HERE

Many businesses have been forced to implement social distancing rules due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and the retail sector has been hit hard.


Vietnam to test TB vaccine against Covid-19 on medical workers. Info HERE

800 doctors and nurses from several frontline hospitals across Vietnam will participate in a tuberculosis vaccine trial against Covid-19.


Vietnam to ease social distancing campaign gradually. Info HERE

The Prime Minister said Monday Vietnam will ease social distancing step by step and implement adequate controls to avoid underestimating the Covid-19 epidemic.


Vietnam hasn’t recorded any new coronavirus cases for four days in a row. Info HERE

Vietnam has recorded no new COVID-19 cases in the last four days but one recovered patient has tested positive again for the virus three days after she was released from hospital.


Vietnam develops coronavirus contact tracing app. Info HERE

Bluezone, a Bluetooth-based app that helps determine if a person has come into contact with a Covid-19 patient, has got the Vietnamese government’s approval.





April 20

Vietnam reports one COVID-19 patient retesting positive, two hospital discharges; active cases at 66. Info HERE

Vietnam on Sunday recorded no new case of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) while reporting one recovered patient having retested positive and two hospital discharges.


Who benefits from Vietnam’s power price discounts. Info HERE

Vietnam will lower electricity prices by at least 10 percent for three months for households and businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.


Remote health check-up platform, COVID-19 prevention app launched. Info HERE

Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc attended a ceremony on Saturday to launch two new high tech apps to help prevent and control COVID-19.


Coronavirus causes surge in cat and dog meat sales in Vietnam?. Info HERE

Sales of dog and cat meat have risen in Vietnam since the outbreak of the coronavirus because people believe it has “warming” properties that head off flu viruses and it happened the same in Cambodia, the neighbor country of Vietnam.


800 real estate trading floors closed due to coronavirus impacts. Info HERE

Eight hundred of Vietnam’s 1,000 real estate trading floors have closed after demand slumped due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Saigon entrepreneurs uses closed kitchens to open ‘tactical’ charity eatery. Info HERE

Borrowing kitchens from temporarily closed restaurants, Nguyen Tuan Khoi opened an eatery to provide meals for the poor in HCMC.




April 19

A recovered patient tests positive again for novel coronavirus in Vietnam. Info HERE

A patient from Hanoi has tested positive for the novel coronavirus again after she had been declared free of it this week.


72 hours without any new Covid-19 cases in Vietnam, active cases down to 67. Info HERE

Vietnam has gone 72 hours without a new Covid-19 case, keeping the national tally of active cases at 67. 201 cases have been discharged, including three foreigners on Saturday.


British pilot only foreigner under COVID-19 treatment in Vietnam after 3 recoveries. Info HERE

Vietnam released three foreign patients of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from two hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday morning, leaving a British pilot hospitalized in the southern metropolis as the only remaining foreign national still receiving treatment.


Vietnamese stranded in Italy return home. Info HERE

A specially arranged Vietnam Airlines (VNA) flight landed in Việt Nam on Saturday morning bringing home Vietnamese people stranded in Italy.


Vietnam air quality improves following social distancing. Info HERE

Air quality has improved in major cities in March and April due to social distancing measures, according to the Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA).




April 18

Vietnam keeps Covid-19 slate clean Saturday evening. Info HERE

The Health Ministry confirmed Saturday evening that Vietnam has no new confirmed Covid-19 infection, keeping the national count at 268.


50 Italians repatriated from Vietnam. Info HERE

Over 50 stranded Italians were repatriated from Vietnam Friday night, with the flight also carrying four tons of medical equipment to aid Italy’s Covid-19 fight.


Hanoi conducts rapid Covid-19 testing at wholesale markets. Info HERE

Traders and shoppers who come to wholesale markets in Hanoi have to undergo testing for Covid-19, starting April 18.


Vietnam goes two days straight with no new Covid-19 case. Info HERE

Vietnam has not recorded any new Covid-19 patients since Thursday morning, keeping its total count unchanged at 268.


HCMC  says penalty for not wearing mask in public too low. Info HERE

HCM City wants to increase the penalty for not wearing masks in public from the current VNĐ100,000-300,000.


HCM City extends closure of entertainment places, tourist sites. Info HERE

All places of entertainment and tourist sites in HCM City will continue to be closed until April 22 to avoid the spread of COVID-19.





April 17

Vietnam has fewer than 300 COVID-19 cases and NO deaths. Here’s why. Info HERE

Vietnam shares a border with China, yet it has reported no deaths from COVID-19 and just 268 confirmed cases, when other Southeast Asian nations are reporting thousands.


Vietnam reports no new Covid-19 cases for 36 hours. Info HERE

There were no new nCoV cases on Friday, meaning Vietnam has gone 36 hours without one.


Vietnam localities granted social distancing autonomy. Info HERE

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has given provincial and municipal chairpersons authority to decide on appropriate social distancing options and other anti-Covid-19 measures.


470 foreign tourists stranded in Saigon, but few want to leave. Info HERE

The HCMC tourism department said there are 470 foreign tourists still in the city but less than 10 percent wish to fly home immediately amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Vietnam records no new Covid-19 case in 24 hours. Info HERE

With no new case confirmed Friday morning, Vietnam has gone 24 hours straight without recording any fresh Covid-19 infection.


Foreigner donates Vietnam’s ‘Rice ATM’ to support those affected by coronavirus. Info HERE

A foreign national used his savings to buy 300 kilograms of rice, then transported this quantity to a ‘Rice ATM’ machine in Phan Thiet city to support those who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic on Tuesday.


Covid-19 impact: More than 1,500 HCMC businesses dissolved. Info HERE

The first quarter saw a 54.5 % year-on-year surge in the number of HCMC enterprises complete dissolution procedures.





April 16

Vietnam confirms no new Covid-19 cases Thursday evening. Info HERE

The country has confirmed 268 Covid-19 cases so far, of whom 177 have been discharged after treatment.


Teen girl near China border Vietnam’s latest Covid-19 patient Info HERE

A teenage girl from a remote Mong ethnic minority community has tested positive for COVID-19. She is the 268th person to test positive for COVID-19.


Frontline doctor urges everyone to comply with COVID-19 regulations. Info HERE

Doctor Nguyễn Trung Cấp, head of the Emergency Department at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases, where more than 100 COVID-19 patients have been treated, talks to Việt Nam News about how he and his colleagues are fighting the virus.





April 15

Vietnam confirms no new Covid-19 case Wednesday evening. Info HERE

The Health Ministry Wednesday evening reported no new Covid-19 infection, keeping the national tally at 267.


Gov’t prolongs social distancing in Hanoi, Saigon, Da Nang by one week. Info HERE

The Vietnamese government has decided to extend the social distancing period in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and nine other provinces by another week after April 15, labeling these as “high-risk” localities most susceptible to a novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.


Vietnam legislature plans to conduct first-ever online sitting amid COVID-19. Info HERE

Vietnam’s law-making National Assembly is planning to convene an online sitting in May during which deputies will be allowed to vote with mobile phones. This will be the first time for the parliament to have had tele-sessions.


Vietnam’s Covid-19 suspects lowest in three weeks. Info HERE

There were 1,659 Covid-19 suspects quarantined in Vietnamese hospitals as of Wednesday morning, the lowest figure in 20 days.


Hanoi records another Covid-19 patient from locked down village. Info HERE

Patient 267, is the father of “Patient 257” and husband of “Patient 258.” They are neighbors of “Patient 243,” the first infection detected at the village in the capital city’s Me Linh District.


Major cities required to improve food safety standards. Info HERE

The people’s committees of Hà Nội, HCM City and other large cities have been instructed to pilot higher standards and technical regulations for food safety.


Vietnam’s carriers not allowed to resume ticket sales. Info HERE

Four Vietnamese carriers have been reminded they cannot start selling tickets for flights starting April 16 until they get formal permission.


How this German citizen escaped from Vietnam quarantine zone before being caught? Info HERE

A foreigner, who escaped from a Covid-19 quarantine facility in Thanh Hoa Province last Sunday was caught in Hanoi early Tuesday.


Mask exports offer pandemic-hit Vietnam garment makers breathing space. Info HERE

Vietnamese garment companies have signed deals to export hundreds of millions of face masks to the U.S and E.U.





April 14

Vietnam’s Tuesday morning comes with no new Covid-19 case. Info HERE

There is no new case of Covid-19 recorded in Vietnam Tuesday morning, and its total count is kept at 265.


British patients recovers, no new cases reported. Info HERE

A British man with a 10-year history of lymphoma cancer has been discharged from hospital after making a full recovery from COVID-19.


Localities call for extension of social distancing: Committee. Info HERE

A number of localities have proposed extending the social distancing measures beyond April 15, according to a conference of the National Steering Committee on the Prevention and Control of COVID-19.


City shut downs factories, businesses at a high risk of spreading COVID-19. Info HERE

The People’s Committees of all 24 districts in HCM City were expected to submit a report on the assessment of COVID-19 infection risks at businesses and factories to the city’s Standing Committee office yesterday afternoon. Businesses that do not meet the requirements of epidemic prevention will be required to shut down immediately


Tell on people buying medicines for cold, Hanoi druggists told. Info HERE

Hanoi has asked 7,000 pharmacies to report people buying medicines for cold, cough and fever in recent days as authorities keep up efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.





April 13

National Covid-19 count goes up to 265 with three new cases. Info HERE

The Health Ministry confirmed three new Covid-19 infections Monday evening, two from Hanoi’s Ha Loi Village and the third a returnee from Thailand.


British pilot tests positive for coronavirus again, health condition still critical. Info HERE

A British pilot diagnosed with novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Ho Chi Minh City has tested positive for the virus again one day after his result came back negative, while his health condition is still critical


68 pct of Hanoi Covid-19 cases have no or few symptoms. Info HERE

Some 68% of Covid-19 patients in Hanoi are either asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms, the Center for Disease Control said on Monday.


Hanoi wet market draws a white line to enforce social distancing. Info HERE

A wet market in Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem District requires customers to stand behind a white line drawn two meters away from vendors’ stalls to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


A man working for Samsung positive to COVID-19 has been exposed to 40 people a day during a week. Info HERE

The COVID-19 patient No. 262 (a Samsung Company worker) worked for a week since the first symptoms and has been exposed to hundreds of people in many northern provinces and cities. The man was driving a shuttle bus. The investigation showed that there were about 20 workers on each trip, meaning that in one day this patient was in contact with about 40 (turns) of people, during a week.


Two more SARS-CoV-2 patients from Hạ Lôi Village confirmed. Info HERE

Two more people living in Hạ Lôi Village, Hà Nội’s Mê Linh District have tested positive for COVID-19, taking the national count to 262.


Vietnam cuts electricity price to ease Covid-19 burden. Info HERE

The government has given the thumbs up to a proposed electricity price discount of 10 percent for the months of April, May and June.






April 12

Two new cases take Vietnam’s Covid-19 tally to 260. Info HERE

The Health Ministry confirmed two new Covid-19 cases Sunday evening, both from Hanoi’s Ha Loi Village, already isolated as a hotspot.


Vietnam treasures expats’ contributions to coronavirus fight. Info HERE

Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has sent a letter to all overseas Vietnamese expressing gratitude to their contributions to the fight against COVID-19 pandemic in the homeland.


What British coronavirus survivors said before leaving Vietnam? Info HERE

Four Britons who have recovered from COVID-19 in central Vietnam have expressed their thanks to local authorities before heading home.


Repairing of Vietnam’s submarine Internet cable expected to complete in April. Info HERE

A problem with a major submarine communications cable, which has caused users in Vietnam to experience sluggish international connection, is expected to be fixed by April 21, according to the cable’s operations center.


Culture barriers challenge doctors treating foreign Covid-19 patients. Info HERE

A senior doctor in Hanoi says cultural barriers make it difficult to feed and treat foreign Covid-19 patients.


Vietnam Airlines brings 12 Vietnamese stranded in Japan home. Info HERE

National flag carrier Vietnam Airlines has flown 12 Vietnamese citizens stranded in Japan back home on a flight on Sunday, according to a representative of the airline.


No new Covid-19 cases recorded Sunday morning. Info HERE

The Health Ministry reported no new Covid-19 cases Sunday morning, keeping the tally at 258.


Carriers to resume domestic flights next week. Info HERE

Bamboo Airways and Vietjet Air will resume domestic flights starting April 16, after the government’s 15-day social distancing campaign ends.


Vietnam’s students can return to school by June 15. Info HERE

Vietnam schools set to reopen in June after four-month break if the Covid-19 epidemic remains under control, the Ministry of Education and Training said Friday.





April 11

One new case confirmed, total rises to 258 tonight. Info HERE

A 47-year-old woman is the latest person to test positive for COVID-19, the Ministry of Health said on Saturday evening.


A whole battle ahead: Deputy Prime Minister. Info HERE

Việt Nam still has a whole battle ahead as no specific cure or vaccines for COVID-19 are available at the moment, and the Government needs the support of the people to fight the pandemic, said Deputy Prime Minister Vũ Đức Đam.


Hanoians hit the streets ignoring social distancing norms. Info HERE

Despite Hanoi’s Covid-19 hotspot status, residents began to crowd streets and open ‘non-essential’ businesses 10 days into the 15-day social distancing campaign.


Thousands of workers put themselves at risk in Saigon. Info HERE

During rush hours, thousands of workers of a Taiwanese-run firm in Saigon leave work and flock home together, dumping social distancing norms.


Vietnam can produce 5.72 million surgical masks a day. Info HERE

There are 70 surgical mask producers in Vietnam that can also produce 40,000 N95 masks a day, the government said in a statement on its website.


Saturday morning comes with no new Covid-19 patient for Vietnam. Info HERE


Vietnam allows private medical facilities to test for Covid-19. Info HERE

The government on Thursday said private medical facilities with adequate equipment and qualified personnel could carry out tests for Covid-19.


Expats laud Vietnamese landlords for discounting rent to share COVID-19 burden. Info HERE


Four foreigners among 16 new COVID-19 recoveries in Vietnam. Info HERE

Four foreigners and 12 Vietnamese were confirmed to have recovered from novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Friday, following their treatment at hospitals in Vietnam.





April 10

Two new Covid-19 cases take national tally to 257. Info HERE

Vietnam records two new coronavirus infections Friday evening, including one returning from Russia and one infected by a Hanoi patient, the Health Ministry said.


Vietnam trials chloroquine in COVID-19 treatment. Info HERE

Healthcare professionals in Vietnam have launched a clinical trial on chloroquine, an antimalarial drug, as treatment for novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


Vietnam mulls plasma use for critically ill Covid-19 patients. Info HERE

Vietnamese experts in hematology and infectious diseases are studying the use of plasma from recovered Covid-19 patients to treat those in critical condition.


No new Covid-19 patient in Vietnam Friday morning. Info HERE

Vietnam has not recorded any Covid-19 case since Thursday evening, keeping the tally at 255, the Health Ministry said early Friday.


Undersea Internet cable repair to take two more weeks. Info HERE

Vietnamese will continue to suffer from an Internet slowdown until repairs to the AAG undersea cable are completed on April 21.


Nearly 35,000 companies and small businesses stop operations. Info HERE

The number of businesses which stopped operation in Viet Nam hit a record number of nearly 35,000 in the first quarter of this year, according to the Việt Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).


Two cases in Quang Ninh were consistently negative and then positive for SARS-CoV-2. Info HERE

Two patients in Quang Ninh N° 49 and 50, were declared negative first and then positive many days later for Covid-19.




April 9 

Vietnam confirms four new Covid-19 cases. Info HERE

Four new Covid-19 cases, three of them having contact with other patients, have taken Vietnam’s tally to 255 as of Thursday evening.


15,000 associated with virus-hit Hanoi hospital test Covid-19 negative. Info HERE

Over 1,000 medics at Bach Mai Hospital, Vietnam’s largest Covid-19 hotspot, alongside 14,000 others tested negative for the novel coronavirus.


Saigon checkpoint police relentless in Covid-19 struggle. Info HERE

Police and medics are engaged around the clock at several checkpoints across the city trying to contain the novel outbreak.


More community infections of COVID-19 predicted in coming days. Info HERE

Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc on Thursday called for strict social distancing as some people have begun leaving their homes, especially in Hà Nội and HCM City. The Government predicted more community infections over the next few days which are related to cases with complicated travelling histories as well as zoned outbreaks at Bạch Mai Hospital in Hà Nội and Buddha Bar in HCM City.


Hanoi quarantines entire police unit after officer admits contact with COVID-19 patient. Info HERE

An entire ward-level police unit in Hanoi has been quarantined after its deputy chief announced that he had been in close contact with a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patient.


Vietnam records no new Covid-19 case in 24 hours. Info HERE

Vietnam’s Covid-19 count remained at 251 Thursday morning, the first time the country has stayed clean for 24 hours in over a month.


Universities implement different solutions to ensure timely graduation. Info HERE

Vietnamese universities have devised flexible plans to ensure final-year students can graduate despite the extended school closure due to COVID-19.


President Trump thanked ‘Vietnamese friends’ for supporting the anti-Covid-19. Info HERE

US President Donald Trump on Twitter thanked Vietnam shortly after the flight carrying hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 protective clothing from Vietnam landed in the United States.




April 8

No new coronavirus cases found Wednesday afternoon. Info HERE

No one was diagnosed in Vietnam with Covid-19 Wednesday afternoon, and the country’s tally remained at 251.


Labour export companies hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic. Info HERE

 Businesses involved in labour exports are at a standstill due to the complex developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Vietnam sends 600 Europeans home by special flights. Info HERE

Vietnam repatriated 600 German and other European citizens stranded in Vietnam on Monday and Wednesday by two special Vietnam Airlines flights.


Hanoi seeks to suspend CNN ads. Info HERE

Hanoi authorities have ordered the temporary suspension of tourism promotion via CNN as the Covid-19 fight intensifies.


Hanoi locks down village of over 10,000 people where COVID-19 patient resides. Info HERE

Authorities in Hanoi have fenced off a village with nearly 10,900 residents after a local man had been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


Doctors going all out to save British pilot sickened by COVID-19 in Saigon. Info HERE

The Vietnamese government reported on Wednesday that doctors are doing everything in their power to save a British pilot whose health has been worsening since his diagnosis of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Ho Chi Minh City.


Employees of HCM City company provide free rice to disadvantaged people. Info HERE

Many disadvantaged people in HCM City are flocking to 204B Vườn Lài Street in Tân Phú District to get free rice from an automatic vending machine installed by a company.


Hanoians stick to outdoor workout routine despite park closures during social distancing. Info HERE

While most of Hanoi’s public parks are temporarily closed for social distancing, local residents have found a workaround to keep up with their regular workout routine.


Vietnam undecided about extension of social distancing duration: Government Office. Info HERE

Vietnam has yet to decide whether to continue enforcing social distancing after it expires in the middle of this month despite the measure having helped slow the infection rate of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), according to the Government Office.


Vietnam health ministry looking for people linked to COVID-19 patient No. 243. Info HERE

The Vietnamese Ministry of Health has issued an urgent notification on tracing visitors to a number of places in Hanoi and the northern province of Vinh Phuc who might have come into contact with a patient of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


Vietnam Airlines will provide free tickets for doctors, nurses, medical experts. Info HERE

The national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines will provide free-of-charge air tickets for doctors, nurses, medical experts and transport goods serving Covid-19 fight without charge from April 9-30.


Two cases of community transmission send Vietnam Covid-19 count to 251. Info HERE

Vietnam recorded two new cases of Covid-19 Wednesday morning, both locals getting infected from other patients.




April 7

Four new cases take Vietnam’s Covid-19 count to 249. Info HERE

Vietnam reported four new coronavirus infections Tuesday evening, three of them overseas returnees and one linked to HCMC hotspot Buddha Bar & Grill.


Vietnam presents 550,000 face masks to five European countries to help contain COVID-19. Info HERE

Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs donated 550,000 cloth face masks to the ambassadors of five European countries to help them fight the novel coronavirusat a ceremony organized in Hanoi on Tuesday, according to the World & Vietnam Report.


Binh Thuan medics moved to tears after patient tests Covid-19 negative. Info HERE

Binh Thuan General Hospital doctors and nurses cried tears of joy after the province’s last Covid-19 patient tested negative Monday.


No new cases of COVID-19 reported for third morning in a row. Info HERE

For the third morning in succession, there have been no new cases of COVID-19 reported in Việt Nam.


Discharged Czech patient praises Vietnam’s ‘professional and humane’ pandemic fight. Info HERE

Czech man Michal Kocian, 51, who contracted Covid-19, is impressed with the care he received and amazed by Vietnamese hospitality and kindness.


Medical facilities to test all visitors for Covid-19. Info HERE

Everyone visiting medical facilities in Vietnam for treatment will be treated as suspected Covid-19 patients and tested. The Ministry of Health said on Monday the decision is part of its attempt to ramp up pandemic prevention measures after there were coronavirus transmissions between the community and medical facilities.


Some streets in Ho Chi Minh City are still packed during this selft quarantine time… Info HERE





April 6

Vietnam has sufficient equipment to handle 10,000 Covid-19 patients. Info HERE

Vietnam now has enough medical equipment to handle 10,000 coronavirus cases at a time, stated Deputy Minister of Health Truong Quoc Cuong at a meeting this morning, April 6.


Four new coronavirus infections bring national total to 245. Info HERE

A Vietnamese man who visited Hanoi’s Bach Mai hospital and three others quarantined upon landing in Vietnam are the latest Covid-19 cases, the Health Ministry said Monday.


Covid-19 virus has ‘evolved,’ Vietnam harbors two groups. Info HERE

The novel coronavirus has ‘evolved’ and two different groups can be found in Vietnam, the National Institute Of Hygiene And Epidemiology said Sunday.


Hanoi resident tests positive for coronavirus 23 days after visit to infection cluster. Info HERE

Hanoi’s chairman Nguyen Duc Chung said on Monday a resident in the capital city has tested positive for novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) 23 days after visiting a major hospital that is Vietnam’s largest known cluster of infections to date.


COVID-19: British pilot who visited Buddha bar on life support as health worsens. Info HERE

Doctors in Ho Chi Minh City have decided to use outside-body intervention on a British patient sickened by the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) after partying at a bar in Ho Chi Minh City, as his health gets worse.


Hanoi pets short of homes as COVID-19 forces owners to leave, deters new adoptive parents. Info HERE

Animal shelters in Hanoi have registered a spike in new arrivals as COVID-19 border restrictions force foreigners to return home leaving behind their four-legged friends.


No wedding parties until epidemic stops: Ministry. Info HERE

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MoCST) has instructed authorities at all levels to promote people’s awareness of the dangers of COVID-19 by delaying wedding parties and related activities.


Vietnam collects $5,4m for COVID-19 prevention from text message. Info HERE

More than 2.1 million text messages had been sent to raise funds for COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control as of 11am on Sunday, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC).


Vietnam begins second morning with no new Covid-19 case. Info HERE

Vietnam reported no new Covid-19 infection Monday morning, recording just one in the past 24 hours.





April 5

Vietnamese student returning from UK is ‘Patient 241’. Info HERE

A 20-year-old Vietnamese student returning from the U.K. has tested Covid-19 positive, taking the country’s tally to 241, the Health Ministry confirmed Sunday.


Vietnam reports no new Covid-19 patient sunday morning. Info HERE. Info HERE

Vietnam has not recorded new coronavirus Covid-19 infections Sunday morning, keeping the country’s tally at 240.





April 4

Vietnam shuts down foreign cutlery plant after employee tests positive for coronavirus in S.Korea. Info HERE

A South Korean-invested cutlery factory in the southern Vietnamese province of Binh Duong has been shuttered and placed under total lockdown after one of its employees tested positive for the novel coronavirus in South Korea.


Woman returning from Thailand is Vietnam’s Covid-19 ‘Patient 240’. Info HERE

A 29-year-old woman returning from Thailand has tested Covid-19 positive, raising the country’s tally to 240, the Health Ministry confirmed Saturday night.


Vietnam coronavirus suspects drop by nearly 1,000. Info HERE

There were 3,736 Covid-19 suspects quarantined in Vietnamese hospitals as of Saturday morning, down 935 cases compared to Friday.


A race against the clock at Buddha Bar, Saigon’s COVID-19 epicenter. Info HERE

Hundreds of workers from specialized forces in Ho Chi Minh City have been involved in a race against the clock to keep the situation in check at District 2’s Buddha Bar, which has been identified as the source of multiple COVID-19 infections in the southern metropolis.


Hanoi will fine those leaving home under unnecessary circumstances to contain COVID-19: chairman. Info HERE

Hanoi will start fining those leaving their house without a justifiable reason on Saturday, as the Vietnamese capital is in a critical stage to stall the transmission of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


Foreigners join hands to fight COVID-19 in Vietnam. Info HERE

While watching from afar as their own countries struggle to battle the raging COVID-19 epidemic, foreigners living in Vietnam are doing their part to help keep the virus at bay in their adopted home.


Two new COVID-19 cases bring Vietnam’s tally to 239. Info HERE

Vietnam confirmed two new cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Saturday morning, including one linked to a major hospital in Hanoi.


89 medical staff of 4 hospitals were isolated because of exposure to 237 Hoai Thu case. Info HERE




April 3

Novel coronavirus cases in Vietnam climb to 237. Info HERE

Ministry of Health confirms four more nCoV cases on Friday night, raising the tally in Vietnam to 237.


Temporary residence extended for foreigners unable to leave due to Coronavirus. Info HERE

Vietnam has decided to extend temporary residence permit for foreigners who are currently in the country and unable to leave because of travel restrictions or quarantine order related to COVID-19, according to the Immigration Department under the Ministry of Public Security.


Community chips in to tackle COVID-19. Info HERE

Organisations and individuals across the country have been working together to do their parts in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Sports people say ‘Thank you’ to medical staff in COVID-19 battle. Info HERE

Many athletes, coaches and people involved in sport have joined the ‘Thank you’ charity drive to support medical staff who are fighting the COVID-19 outbreak.


4 more people with Covid-19, 2 cases related to Buddha bar. Info HERE

On the evening of April 3, the Ministry of Health announced four more new cases of Covid-19, bringing the total number of patients in Vietnam to 237.


Hanoi will check people on the street. Info HERE

Concerned that only 10% of the population would not comply with the anti-epidemic plan, Hanoi decided to close all parks and inspect people in the streets from April 4.


Telecom companies speed up internet, discount services amid COVID-19. Info HERE

The Ministry of Information and Communications said that in order to help people, businesses and society in strictly following the Prime Minister’s directive on urgent measures to prevent and control COVID-19, the ministry has asked telecommunications businesses to implement a number of support programmes.


Internet crawls in Vietnam as undersea cable disrupted again.Info HERE

Vietnamese Internet users have to suffer sluggish internet connections as the disaster-prone AAG undersea cable suffered a disruption Thursday.


Vietnam’s Vingroup says to produce ventilators in COVID-19 fight. Info HERE

Vietnam’s biggest listed firm Vingroup said on Friday it will produce ventilators for the Southeast Asian country’s fight against the new coronavirus.


Overseas returnees bring Vietnam’s Covid-19 cases to 233. Info HERE

Vietnam confirmed six more new cases of Covid-19 early Friday, with five returning from abroad and one related to Hanoi’s Bach Mai Hospital.


AmCham Vietnam donates 250,000 face masks to frontline health workers in Ho Chi Minh City. Info HERE

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City has donated 250,000 surgical face masks to local frontline health workers as support for the fight against the Covid 19.


Covid-19 demographics: majority of patients in Vietnam under 50. Info HERE

About 70 percent of the Covid-19 cases in Vietnam are in the 20-49 age group that’s dominated by those in their 20s.





April 2

Vietnam’s Covid-19 cases rise by five to 227. Info HERE

Of the five Covid-19 cases confirmed Thursday evening by the Ministry of Health, three are related to the nation’s biggest hotspots, Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi and Buddha Bar in HCMC.


Vietnam’s Covid-19 tally up by four to 222. Info HERE

Vietnam confirmed four more Covid-19 cases early Thursday, with one more patient related to Hanoi’s Bach Mai Hospital.


Bạch Mai Hospital COVID-19 outbreak ‘under control’. Info HERE

The COVID-19 outbreak at a Hà Nội hospital dubbed the epicenter of the capital city, has been brought under control.


Ho Chi Minh City keeps supermarket shelves full amid COVID-19 social distancing. Info HERE

Well-prepared supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City have managed to keep their shelves filled to the brim with goods as the nation implements social distancing to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


One-third of Vietnam’s active COVID-19 cases test negative for virus: health ministry. Info HERE

One-third of Vietnam’s active cases of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) have tested negative for the first time but they are still being treated in hospitals pending any discharge, according to the Ministry of Health.




April 1

Another 6 patients with Covid-19, the whole country had 218 cases. Info HERE
2 people are employees of the Truong Sinh Company, one person visited Bach Mai Hospital and 3 cases are coming from abroad and been isolated immediately upon entry.


UK citizen becomes latest COVID-19 patient traced to Buddha Bar in Saigon. Info HERE

In an online meeting in the afternoon of April 1 about the evolution of COVID-19 in Ho Chi Minh City, the Department of Health of the city said that one more positive case was related to Buddha bar, District 2. As he was not tested first positive, he was not placed in quarantine… This is the 16th positive case related to Buddha bar considered the largest outbreak in the South to date.


Banks maintain normal operations during national social distancing. Info HERE

Banking services would remain available to meet the transaction demands of businesses and individuals, according to the State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV).


Which businesses will remain open during national social distancing? Info HERE

According to a directive from the Prime Minister, social distancing will be applied nationwide for 15 days starting from April 1, in an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus, and only factories, businesses and service establishments producing and providing essential goods and services are allowed to remain open.


Vietnam suspends all four-wheeled commercial passenger vehicles. Info HERE

The Vietnamese Ministry of Transport has asked relevant agencies to forbid all four-wheeled commercial passenger vehicles while keeping only a handful of domestic flights and railway trips a day to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


Vietnam plans 10% electricity price cut to support virus-hit consumers. Info HERE

Vietnam plans to cut its electricity prices by 10% for three months to support people hit by the coronavirus epidemic, state media reported on Wednesday.


Another 5 patients with Covid-19 in Vietnam. The country has 212 cases. Info HERE
Among new cases, one case was from Truong Sinh Company, one case was infected in the community and three were isolated immediately after entry.


Hanoi introduces first rapid mass testing for Covid-19. Info HERE

Hundreds who had recently visited the Bach Mai Hospital, a major Covid-19 outbreak area in Hanoi, were tested for the virus Tuesday.


Crowds ignore PM’s social distancing appeal, flock to beaches. Info HERE

Thousands have hit the beaches in several localities, ignoring instructions not to crowd public places as a preventive measure against the coronavirus.


Việt Nam not yet on lockdown: Government Office. Info HERE

National-scale social distancing is not a lockdown and the Government is still in control of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mai Tiến Dũng, Minister and Chairman of the Government Office, said on Tuesday afternoon.


Việt Nam suspends border crossing to/from Laos, Cambodia over COVID-19. Info HERE

The Vietnamese Government has decided to suspend cross-border activities of individuals at main and secondary border gates, and trails in border areas with Cambodia and Laos from April 1 as part of measures to effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Labour ministry seeks entry for 8,500 foreign experts. Info HERE

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs wants the Government to lift a ban and allow on a priority basis for 8,459 highly skilled foreign workers – out of the thousands who have been kept out – to enter Việt Nam since it has been difficult to find replacements for them.







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