Live Like James Bond

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June 24.2021



Have you ever wanted to fulfill your James Bond fantasies? Now’s the chance.







A James Bond set could be yours in London now that the Old War Office Building is set to be refurbished and turned into a massive apartment building. This setting was the birthplace of the iconic character nearly 7 decades ago, and today it still stands—though soon with a new identity.







Found across the way from Her Majesty’s Horse Guards and the 57-acre St. James Park, within walking distance to Buckingham Palace, the so-called Old War Office building was originally designed by noted Scottish architect William Young and his son, Clyde Young, and completed in 1906. Formerly the site of the original Palace of Whitehall — home to Henry VIII and other monarchs — the neo-Baroque-style structure is where Prime Minister Winston Churchill oversaw the armed forces and spies from, and where the novelist Ian Fleming supposedly conceived the character James Bond after working for Britain’s Naval Intelligence Service.




Ian Fleming



Fittingly, parts of several Bond movies were reportedly filmed on the premises, and the building’s exterior and interior was used as MI6 headquarters in “Octopussy,” “Licence to Kill”, “A View to a Kill”, “Casino royale”, “Skyfall” and even Episodes of popular Netflix series “The Crown,” have also been shot there.







After being sold in 2014, the building will become half hotel, half private residences. Each apartment unit will be individually designed with a nod to history—think mosaic floors and grand marble entrances, all topped with a spectacular and hidden rooftop view. And yes, it could be yours, but only for the right price. At about 8 million USD, living like Bond will set you back a bit.







But perhaps that’s a small price to pay in order to be settled in the middle of London with a bird’s eye view of Downing Street fit for a spy. Take a look and see if the modern life of Bond is a match for you.













Available in : Vietnamese

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