Lipscanner – The new Chanel’s App Transforms your favorite color into lipstick

Available in : Vietnamese

February 26.2021


If you always had a hard time finding the right lipstick shade matching your outfit, Chanel’s new Lipscanner is the app for you. Dubbed Lipscanner, the app allows users to get color inspiration from their everyday life, or social media, magazines, or items of clothing, to imagine and create their future beauty looks. All you have to do is to scan a color on an image from a magazine, on the face of a friend, or a piece of clothing or accessory, and the application will instantly offer the product with the closest shade of their 400 lipsticks references. Once the desired color and texture have been identified, the app’s “Virtual Try-On” feature allows consumers to test the Chanel make-up product that was recommended by the app.







Ultimately, the result is that Lipscanner is like the beauty equivalent of the popular music-identification app Shazam. Carry it around in your pocket and it will instantly provide an answer to what you couldn’t figure out with only the click of a button. This app resulting from the collaboration over several months between Chanel’s Connected Experience Lab (CX Lab) and the brand’s Makeup Creation Studio is available for free since 22 February 2021 in France, the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, and 15 other countries on the Apple App Store only.

You can access it Here.


Photo courtesy Chanel






Available in : Vietnamese

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