Su 蘇 an ancestral Japanese dish rediscovered thanks to Covid 19



Recently a rumor spread in Japan saying that the farmers were going to lose their jobs because of a surplus of unsold milk due to Covid 19 situation. By generosity and solidarity, many Japanese bought a lot of milch but did not know how to use it.

To use their excess milk, they brought out an old recipe about ‘Su’ or 蘇, a cheese over a few thousand years old, born between the 6th and 12th centuries, from the Asuka period to the Heian period. ‘Su’ is a kind of yellowish, thick and sweet crunchy cheese considered at the time as a luxury food. Today on the Archipel everybody is talking about it but this time on social networks.







If this culinary adventure tempt you, to cook some ‘Su’, you will need to boil the milk in a pan on high heat and stir constantly with a spatula for more than an hour. Milk will pass from liquid to solid through several stages. After thirty minutes, the liquid gradually becomes soft, then muddy. After an hour on the heat, you will have to knead the remaining dough well with a spatula. The texture should not be sticky, but like a crumble paste. Wrap it all in transparent film, and put it for two hours in a fridge. Your ‘Su’ should be crispy, and hard enough to cut. The culinary advice coming from the archipel? Add some yuzu and pepper on it or spread it over some honey!










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