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September 11,2019



As digital nomad in Asia, gadgets, and devices can make your life easier. Of course, a nomad’s life is full of good things, but being productive while working remotely requires balance, motivation and especially some essential tech gadgets.










Skyroam Solis X Wi-Fi 


The latest launch of Skyroam, the Solis X, aims to meet all the requirements. For only $ 8 per month, this handheld device combines a 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection worldwide with a remote camera, power bank, and integrated smart wizard to let users see, hear, talk, and connect simultaneously anywhere on the planet. Skyroam does not tie users down to fixed contracts or charge cancellation fees, with options to work on a pay-as-you-go basis or a monthly subscription





Solar backpack Voltaic Systems Rapid Array Solar Backpack Charger



The Voltaic Systems Array Backpack presents a whole new way of traveling. With advanced solar panels and a very powerful charge bank, the Array system is independent of the location. This bag is ideal for digital nomads who carry a lot of material, especially photographers. The Array module can charge a range of devices, including laptops on a single solar charge and is durable enough to be used in a variety of climates. Its large capacity and numerous pockets make it perfect for small trips or technology-intensive trips and offer some protection thanks to the waterproof fabric and weather-resistant solar panels.




Power IQ3.0 Charger


The PowerIQ 3.0 mobile charger is powered by a new generation of chips that can quickly charge everything from laptops to tablets to smartphones and even compatible game consoles. Unlike other chargers and batteries that can only communicate with certain devices, it can charge almost any device quickly.




Roost laptop support



This incredibly lightweight and fully collapsible laptop stand is extremely sturdy and supports almost any weight. It fits almost all models of PC and MacBook.





Fellowes Privacy Filter Monitor



Privacy protection has become today a growing concern. Whether you’re using a smartphone, computer, or tablet, you can protect your data in public with Fellowes privacy filters. The screen is black from a viewing angle of 30 ° to avoid prying eyes on your screen. Your data is however perfectly visible when you are in front of the screen, allowing you to work in peace, even on the move.






Homeasy Universal Travel Charger Adapter





This adapter is suitable for all types of bags or backpacks and works in more than 150 countries.








Subtech Sports Drycase Outdoor Laptop Bag Drycase



The shockproof and splash-proof case looks after your precious laptop and keeps it safe from accidental knocks, bumps, and scratches. It only weighs 400 g and only adds 5mm to the thickness of your laptop. Drycase can be used in the most extreme place of your planet and still, fits your business.




Mophie Powerstation AC Universal Battery



Mophie’s high-capacity USB-C XXL powerstation battery is powerful enough to charge your MacBook Pro with USB-C as well as your iPhone or iPad. This powerful 19,500 mAh battery offers high charging speeds for a power of up to 30 W; you can quickly charge two high-consumption devices at the same time. With its durable fabric finish, the battery powerstation is pleasant to take in hand and well protected.




SatchelBord Portable Workstation


One of the challenges that digital nomads often face is to work in places not always convenient for working. The SatchelBord offers a portable workstation with a comfortable seat for wherever you want to work. The seat is very padded while the backrest facilitates your work. There is even a place to store your documents when you are traveling. Plus, it folds for an easy storage.




Thermal meditation device Umay Rest


Umay Rest diffuses a natural meditative heat to reduce eye strain and eliminate stress. You just have to lie down and place this device on your eyes to feel all the effects in a few minutes. The portable device also lasts a week with a full battery.




WonderCube Cube Mobile Essentials 8 in 1


Some digital nomads work entirely from their smartphone. WonderCube combines support for your device, a card reader, an emergency power source and a charging port. Exceptionally compact, this small device fits in the smallest pockets to allow you to continue working.







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