Sunday 14 May on the first floor of the Càphé Thu 19 B Pham Ngoc Thach District 3, CINEMA SALON CPTB will feature the Film documentary : Cûong Binh – La longue nuit Indochinoise directed in 2012 by Lam Le, a Vietnamese director living in France. La Longue nuit indochinoise,  is the fourth film of Lam Le ending the trilogy about the French colonies of Indochina.


Film 116 minutes. Vietnamese and French subtitles.

The film chaired by Duong Jeu will be preceded by a presentation of Lam Lê and then will be followed by exchanges between the director and the spectators.

14h30-14h45: Café khach- Collect knowledge

14h45-14h20: Film presentation

14h20-16h16: Screening of “THE NIGHT OF Binh Indochine”

16h16-17h00: Exchange between authors and spectators




Teaser Cong Binh, la longue nuit indochinoise




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