La Kermesse du Goût: A day about Taste

September 29.2022


During the week of October 11th to 17th 2022, the 33rd edition of La Semaine du Goût will take place in France. Created in 1990 to educate as many people as possible about the culture surrounding France’s culinary heritage and healthy eating. This week event promotes meetings between farmers, the general public, and targeted audiences from kindergarten to higher education. La Semaine du Goût has allowed professionals to organize actions around food and inform the public on the importance of choosing the products we eat. Restaurateurs, farmers, merchants, health organizations, and local authorities participate in the program. Part of the activities that are offered during this week include tastings, workshops, and discussions around taste.





To celebrate La Semaine du Goût in Vietnam, La Kermesse du Goût in Ho Chi Minh City will open its doors Saturday, October 15. 2022 to educate the youth. With the help of food professionals, the Kermesse will organize various activities around culinary tastings such as games, cooking demonstrations, conferences, etc. In addition to discovering new flavors and textures, children will learn to eat in a more balanced way, appreciate things they do not know, and to further diversify their daily meals.

In this context, the Association Culture et Espace Francophone also organize the Concours du Goût 2022 on September 29, 2022, in collaboration with the LFI Marguerite Duras, L’Ecole Minh Dao, Boule et Billes, St Ange, and La Petite Ecole. All of this is to awaken the senses of the youngest children, to allow them to participate in the realization of certain recipes, and to share their opinions when confronted with a particular flavor or texture in the company of Chefs.






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