La Bell & Ross GMT watch – The ideal accessory for the 21-century nomad

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April 27.2021


Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and remote work, the multiplication of zoom meetings, and other virtual meetings via the Internet, never people have needed a GMT watch so much. To this day the GMT complication is certainly the most useful and most realistic function of a watch, especially in our 21st-century environment, the pandemic Covid 19 and remote work.


Since its very creation, the brand Bell & Ross focused on watches for military forces with a preferred theme: pilots and jetlag. Today, however, the brand had to adapt to the real world and, without losing its origins of military-inspired and pilot’s watches, the brand offers watches for the urban gentleman.







The brand new Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT with its characteristic square design indicates several time zones.







This new BR 03-93 GMT innovates with a new black sunray dial contrasting with its large white photo luminescent numerals and indexes. On the bidirectional bezel graduated in 24H00, the black section indicates the night and the red part the day.







How does it work? The three main hands indicate the hour, minutes, and seconds of the place where you are. Then comes the fourth hand adorned with a red triangle, which points to a second time zone, but the minutes remain the same. Finally, the bi-directional bezel can show a third-time zone, useful for those who work astride several continents. Convenient not to disturb your collaborators at an inopportune moment!


Photo courtesy Bell & Ross





Available in : Vietnamese

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