Kosk – South Korea’s new nose-only mask


February 2.2022



Recently, a new mask the “Kosk” has gone viral on social media and in various online forums, after it was recently unveiled by a South Korean company, Atman.





This nose mask, was created to help people feel more comfortable dining indoors by covering only their nose while they ate or drank. It sparked interest and criticism online and some users mocked the company, pointing out that an open mouth can still spread the virus and that the name is the inverse of the original meaning of the term “kosk,” which only covers the mouth and not the nose. Others praised the new product, saying it would make them feel more at ease at mandatory work dinners and other social gatherings. The new mask comes as South Korea deals with an increase in omicron cases. “Kosk,” is now available online on shopping website for about $8 for a box of 10.







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