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Karine Guillermin‘s paintings are both dark and very luminous, full of sweetness, magic, and poetry. This Asia lover, of French origin, creates a colored painting, a  bit oneiric, a pause where the Man is lost between dream and reality in nature sometimes primary and sometimes complex. Chit-chat with a painter fascinated by nature, and dreams.


Bliss Saigon: Karine, There are major themes in your painting such as nature, indirectly man, and some fairy tale. Could you tell us more?

Karine Guillermin: I grew up in a small village of 1500 inhabitants, surrounded by green nature, colorful spaces of flowers, where you can hear the birds sing, and sometimes the silence reigns. A natural meditation. And then my different trips made me sometimes confront megalopolises, where all my ego was shaken up. Naturally, my work comes from my imaginary world, my questions, my readings, my research, my various travels, my desires, and my energy: A daily analysis of my motivations and inspirations. It is a great play area, a spiritual journey where the real and the imaginary mix. A fish flying in a tree of life for instance. I am a dreamer and I accept it.



BS: Before discovering Vietnam, you spent quite a long time in Japan. What was your state of mind and how did you work then?

Karine Guillermin: I have never lived long in Japan, I lived for 4 years between France and Japan. I created in France and traveled to Japan “Exhibitions Japan Tours”. It is from there that I took my inspiration, create new forms,  new ideas, build myself. Today here in Saigon for a year, it’s a new adventure. I slowly start to draw the country’s energy and color.






BS: Do you feel close to the “primitivist” movement? 

Karine Guillermin: No, I do not want to really belong to a movement. I just want to be myself and create according to my internal and external environment. I create my own rules, my own goals, I respect a code, a multiple of 3. This is my artistic evolution.


BS: You mentioned in a previous interview: “The form is the external expression of the inner content”. What do you mean by this Kandinsky’s expression?

Karine Guillermin: The form can be the way we express ourselves, a poem, a music, a painting, the silence, anger, a square, a triangle, a line … .. Every human being is able to express himself in different ways, we all have that capacity that is our own, that identifies us, that makes us unique. In each creation, the artist gives a little bit of himself. It is the conscious or unconscious expression of each artist and each person.



Pic Karine Guillermin Upopo O Hana Spirit#2(Medium) 65cm x 50cm Acrylic ink on canvas 2018





BS: In your opinion, does the evasion exist through painting?

Karine Guillermin: Evasion exists wherever you want it to be. You have to know how to look at it, look for it, understand it too. To pay attention. We forget too often to look with our soul. Evasion has become my meditation, I travel in and with my creations.








BS: The Fairy world, can it be serious?

Karine Guillermin: First of all, what is a fairy? A world belonging to the fairies, to the supernatural? men say it describes an extraordinary beauty, something marvelous, that it is also used sometimes to express magical spectacles… A little fairy, with a bell? no, it’s not just that. Let’s research, and analyze. We all have a part of the magic in us expressed in a different way. Do we all know that? I do not think so. I will say that the fairy world is part of our dreams and it is up to us to make it live and grow despite the fact that we have become adults. Why would this fairy world only be for children? We all need magic in our active lives with good degrees of difference.




Karine Guillermin Upopo O Hana Spirit #4(Medium) 65cmx50cm Acrylic ink on canvas 2018
Karine Guillermin Upopo O Hana Spirit #3 65cmx50cm Acrylic ink on canvas 2018


Bliss Saigon: To get an idea of ​​your character in a more general way, I like to submit to our guested artists the little naive questions on the theme of the desert island …

On a desert island, you take

What movie? Cartoon Hayao Miyazaki “Totoro”

Which book? Kenji Miyazawa “Night on the Galactic Railroad” and Vassily Kandinsky “The Spiritual in Art”

Which music? Pink Floyd

What object? A brush

Which one of your paintings: One of my very first paintings




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