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De-dimension_Jongha-Choi vThe new Jongha Choi’s collection of benches and stools called ‘de-dimension’ that can transform a picture, two-dimensional view, to a three-dimension functional object is making big noise in 2016. That’s the result of Jongha Choi’s graduation project at the Design Academy of Eindhoven to answer his burning desire: Turn a photography to an actual item. With this new collection, Jongha Choi not only realises his dream but also erase the border between Art and reality. Seeing Choi’s chair, you will wonder if it is an ordinary chair or if it is an artwork to hang on a wall? The answer is: it’s both.

You can enjoy the picture and then you can directly interact with it, take it down and use it. Though it will be hard if you want to do both at the same time, it is still amazing. You will keep doing it over and over again, just to find out how can it work like that. That the reason why Choi’s art is so unique. An astonishing combination of skill and talent, which turns your house stuff to an eye-catching Art collection.

Jongha Choi collection is also proven to be a great solution for city life. Do you live in a small flat and are struggling to maximize your space? Choi’s collection will not only make your life more beautiful but will also let you awe your friend at home when you transform this stunning artwork to a real object.





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