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May 13.2021


New guidelines in Japan have been announced, which now allow women to have an abortion without their husband’s permission if they can demonstrate that they have been raped. Previously, women had to get written permission from their husbands to end their pregnancy even if they had been raped. The Japan Medical Association released new guidelines last Sunday, following growing demands from several groups, including the Crime Victim Support Lawyer Forum, or VS Forum, a network of lawyers who protect the interests of abuse victims. The VS Forum asked the Japan Medical Association, the country’s largest professional association of licensed physicians, to investigate how abortions were granted in June 2020.







While the law states that a woman who has been raped does not need spousal consent for an abortion, Masato Takashi, the executive director of the VS Forum, described that this is often not the case. Many medical institutions turned away female victims due to the threat of being sued by their husbands. Although domestic violence advocacy groups applauded the new guidelines, they are unsure how they will be implemented in practice and think that this law is beneficial, but, overall, still insufficient.







Abortion policies have become more liberal internationally in the last 25 years, with 29 countries relaxing their abortion laws since 2000. Despite this, millions of women continue to be subjected to discriminatory legislation. According to the Center for Reproductive Rights, a global legal advocacy group, 41% of the world’s female population cannot still openly terminate their pregnancies. At least 12 other countries also need spousal consent for abortions, such as turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Yemen, and Syria, etc. Abortion remains illegal in 26 other countries.






Available in : Vietnamese

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