Jackson Wang – The new Louis Vuitton’s Brand Ambassador

February 4.2023


Previously a China ambassador for Fendi, a “friend of the house” at Cartier, and a spokesperson for Ray-Ban, Jackson Wang member of the K-pop group Got7is today Louis Vuitton’s most high-profile Chinese ambassador appointment after Kris Wu, who fell from grace two years ago, after being charged with predatory allegations in 2021.



The 28-year-old Hong Kong native Jackson Wang is a former Olympian and member of the K-pop group Got7. He has more than 31 million Instagram followers and 30 million Weibo followers after releasing his second solo studio album, “Magic Man,” last September. Wang recently made headlines for expressing his patriotism on stage, referring to China as a “dope place” and defending the country against “bulls-t” Western media coverage. The performer is also the founder of Team Wang Records and the creative director of Team Wang Design.





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