Isa Boulder – the sexiest swimwear trend of the summer comes from Bali

August 17, 2020


When it comes to swimwear, one typically has to choose between sexy and sporty. Today with Isa Boulder label we chose sexy. If string bikinis aren’t your thing but you want any way to look sexy the stylish options can be limited. Good news Isa Boulder manages to fill the gap with awkwardly sexy but stylish swimsuits.







Isa Boulder swimwear brand that’s first a women story. The story of 2 friends living in Bali who until recently had no experience in swimwear. Lia possesses a BA in womenswear from Central Saint Martins and Yuli, years of experience in Bali’s garment industry. They came upon swimwear, almost serendipitously, when a local clothing production company began laying off staff. The duo employed the seamstresses and used their experience to create their first collection  before moving into ready-to-wear for the coming seasons.


ISA BOULDER’s production team is comprised entirely of women, who have built a familial bond through their previous work together. “It was this instantaneous chemistry within our production team that makes everything smooth-sailing,” Lia says. They’re also perfectionists who approach their work -be it cutting, sewing or quality control – with the utmost delicacy and the highest standards”. All the team share also a common goal to place sustainability and showcase the craftsmanship and quality behind the ‘Made in Indonesia’ label at the forefront. Each piece is made from recycled premium fabrics and every collection is made in small quantities to avoid waste.







Since establishing their brand the designers hope is to offer women swimwear and lingerie options that highlight their bodies. Their last collection is dedicated to women who are still rebellious teenage girls at heart, have no qualms about making bad outfit choices, and willing to be experimental with their clothing selection, not having any societal pressures to look a certain polished way.

The last collection consists of Greek goddesses inspired draping with neutral or gold-tone bikinis and one-pieces swimming bath suits in lustrous satin-like jersey with volume and strangely placed cut-outs.







“It was this satin spandex fabric we were working with that inspired the silhouettes and rushing techniques that we explored more of, simply because this particular fabric looks best when draped. So we tried to mix these draping techniques and merge them with traditional swim silhouettes” explained Lia.






For 2020/2021 Collections, ISA BOULDER is expanding its offbeat vision across a selection of knitwear knitted garments as they’re some of the most sustainable to produce using only the necessary yarns and leaving virtually zero material waste. The label’s upcoming collection is inspired by female angst and duality, fragility and strength, emotionality and rationality with open-knit bodysuits, crocheted garter belts, and stockings to convey the multiplicity of women.


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