If it enters in the list of the best health foods, and in the ingredients used in the Asiatic gastronomy, its properties are somewhere else than in the libido stimulation! Sorry for those who served ginger to their lover to rekindle the love flame, but If it enters in the list of the best health foods, ginger’s properties are somewhere else than in the libido stimulation! In fact, Ginger can increase the salivary flow … but for the preliminaries, you can forget it. Ginger is best known for its ability to facilitate gastric digestion and as a remedy for nausea.Even if used for more than 4,400 years in China and most of the Asiatic countries, there is no scientific proof that ginger has the virtue of stimulating sexual desire. Don’t sulk!  Ginger is still a valuable health ally in case of heartburn or nausea for pregnant women as well as for motion sickness. It is even officially recognized in some countries to limits chemotherapy nausea, and its anti-inflammatory properties make it also an excellent analgesic, for people suffering from osteoarthritis, or as an antiviral.




Ginger works on general tonicity


Ginger has powerful antioxidant properties, and protects the cells of the body from oxidative stress and therefore avoids their deterioration. It is perhaps these properties which gave him his renown of vigor. Thus, if ginger does not activate desire, it does indeed have a beneficial action of general tonicity and acts on the spermatozoa: by protecting their DNA and their quality, it promotes better the male fertility. To activate the libido, ginger alone will be therefore probably disappointing. On the other hand, associated with ginseng, it could be interesting. Ginseng has been considered for millennia as a “root of long life” in the Chinese pharmacopeia. It is a tonic by excellence, both physical and mental, and some studies even said it has an anabolic effect and can stimulate the sex hormones for both men and women. There are no scientific evidence to support these beliefs, but the consumption of ginger to stimulate the carnal desire has no disadvantage,  so it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

Note: Ginger, consumed at high doses, can interact with certain medicines.





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