Is Men Wearing Skirts the Biggest Fashion Trend in 2023?

March 27.2023

The first special men’s Parisian Fashion Week of the year hnew how to shake things up and surprise the entire world. 47 fashion shows and 33 presentations kicked off the program, with collections that were each more original and unique than the last.




During the first Parisian Fashion Week dedicated to men, it was actor Robert Pattinson who wowed the audience. Fashion enthusiast, The British actor has been indeed the face of the great house of Dior for several years. During the presentation of London designer Kim Jones’s new collection for Dior Men the 30-year-old indeed, drew all eyes. In turn, the person who embodied one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, Batman, broke codes and shook up genres by wearing a gleaming navy blue tweed skirt and a brown fur jacket reminiscent of aviator jackets with black leather boots.



Brad Pitt wore a skirt and rangers to the Berlin premiere of Bullet Train in July 2022 and Oscar Isaac was also wearing skirt on the Moon Knight red carpet four months ago, paired with a gray suit jacket, tie, and white shirt. Are male skirts about to be the next fashion essential in 2023?





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