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April 7.2021


There is no stopping the fascination with all things food. It may have all started with celebrity TV chefs and culinary competitions, but social media, and Instagram in particular, has turned viewers into creators as virtually millions of people share their foodie experiences online and Gen Z’s are using Instagram to help them decide where and what to eat.







At Chef’sPencil  they decided to analyze Instagram tags to reveal what cuisines and foods are trending around the world. Their research shows that on Instagram, Vietnamese cuisine is the 9th most popular cuisine in the world. It is more popular than some of the most highly regarded cuisines in the world like French, Greek, and Peruvian cuisines. Full report HERE 







In a separate report that they’ve published earlier this year, Vietnamese cuisine was voted one of the most underrated cuisines in the world by a panel of 250 chefs. Check out full rankings, including charts for the top foods and cuisine, in Chef’sPencil full report HERE

Follow the full article and full report on Chef’sPencil HERE 







Available in : Vietnamese

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