In Vietnam, medical tests, treatment and quarantine for Covid 19 are free for locals. What about foreigners?

March 14, 2020





Today tests, treatment, quarantine are covered for Vietnamese people,  as well as their subsequent check-ups if they test negative the first time for the virus. Vietnamese patients in quarantine receive free water, towels, mouthwash, as well as mask and sanitizers. Food is free for the poorest who receive a daily meal subsidy of VND 40 000 per day while the richest have to pay. Nationwide, military camps welcoming quarantine zones used their budget, or the localities one, to pay meals for those quarantined.

But, foreigners must pay for Covid-19 treatment in Vietnam if they are positive. However, they don’t have to pay for being tested and being in quarantine is free apart the meals. Foreigners can also be quarantine at home but have to pay a  certain price if they want to stay at home, as they have to pay the price for an official police guard and of course their meals!





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