In Korea Young Married Couples Pretend to Be Singles

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April 7.2021


Marriage is on the decline in Korea. According to Statistics, 213,513 couples married in 2020, showing a 10.7 percent fall since the government began tallying the figures in 1981. It is also the sharpest decline seen since the Asian financial crisis in 1997. But the statistics also show that thousands of young couples are married but did not register their marriage because they see no immediate advantage.







In Korea, real estate prices have soared since 2017, making homes even less affordable for young Koreans. The government does offer affordable housing to young couples, but there is a long waiting list, and double-income couples usually earn more than the eligibility cutoff point. Young Korean also get a better chance to get an apartment if they apply separately instead of as a couple.







A man and woman who bought separately a home before getting married would also be penalized with higher taxes as multiple-home owners if they registered as a couple. Yes, the government offers special housing benefits to newlyweds but only up to seven years after they get married. That why today in Korea is not rare to see a couple not registered as husband and wife even 3 or 5 years after being married. Today, Newlywed couples debate day and night in online communities about the advantages and drawbacks of support for newlyweds, and many still ask when the best time is to register…







Available in : Vietnamese

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