In 2025, a ‘Space Hotel will open for anyone who wants to sleep in Earths orbit

May 18.2022


A night spent in Earth orbit will soon be possible. The launch dates for the ‘space hotels’ have been announced by the Orbital Assembly Corporation and two luxurious hotels will open in 2025 for anyone who wants to sleep in Earth orbit. The first will have a capacity of 400 people and is scheduled to open in 2027. The second, much smaller, will have a capacity of 28 people and will open in three years, in 2025. The Orbital Assembly Corporation has specified that its space hotels will also be equipped with offices. A good option for Remote work!





Space travel is still uncommon, and the prices for staying in these two hotels will be high at first. However, Mr. Alatorre, who worked on the project, explained that “the goal has always been to enable large numbers of people to live, work, and thrive in the space.” “We’re doing everything we can to make the space accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy,” he added.





The interior of the two Orbital Assembly Corporation space stations will be similar to a luxury hotel on Earth, with permanent gravity control, to be able, to take a shower normally or eat while sitting down…

According to Mr. Alatorre, what distinguishes this project from other space travel already carried out by Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin or SpaceX is The destination. “The one thing that all of these companies were lacking was the destination. It’s a bit like if you wanted to see the Grand Canyon, walked past it and came straight home!”




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