Dry shampoo offers an instant fix by revitalizing greasy, dull, and lifeless hair. It thickens thin hair, adds volume and texture, keeps your blowout bouncy, fresh you for days and saves your time in the morning if you don’t have time to wash your hair!

It has been widely used in many professional fashion shots for decades, but it first showed up in an early ad in the 1960s starring Twiggy. Consisting of either powder or aerosol, the starch or silica-based formulas is used to soak up excess oils in between shampoos and give a longer life to hairstyles.

Dry shampoos are the ultimate party girls all-time favorite!





There is some Do & Don’t for using the dry shampoo

DO – Spray it into your hair from ten centimeters away, and then you rub it into your hair until it’s completely dissolved. Don’t worry that it comes out white; this quickly fades; just apply it gently.

DO – Spray at least 10 cm away from the roots. Spray it lightly and evenly distribute on your hair.

DO – Wait about two minutes before styling. Don’t panic when you see that it comes out white!

DO – Use on roots and ends to add a modern matte texture.

DON’T  – Spray on damp or wet hair. It’s called dry shampoo for a reason!

DON’T worry if you get dry shampoo on the upper portion of your hair. That will give extra grip to your hair and provide more volume, which has the effect of decreasing the too-soft feel fine hair can sometimes have.



Dry Shampoos will make your hair look great, comes with a great scent and protect your hair from the smoky smell from bars and clubs.

So, get a travel kit size in your handbag if you are dancing all night! No more wet and flat hair on the dance floor! It is much easier to style your hair after applying dry shampoo. And you can combine it with gentle blow-drying for an incredibly long lasting effect.

Reminder: If you need to reach for dry shampoo after a third use, it is time to take a shower!!!

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