“I like you just the way you are” – Fred Rogers

August 17, 2020


This article is about the healing presence (powers?) of Mr. Fred Rogers, and how it parallels that of successful psychotherapy. You remember Mister Rogers, right? Or, maybe you never saw the classic TV show, but you recently saw the film starring Tom Hanks.

Mr. Rogers’ whole thing was to help children learn positive ways to deal with their feelings. Who know how much of an impact it would have on adults as well? By the way, a simple, yet amazing lesson of his, for kids: “Anything That Is Mention-able, Is Manageable.”







Speaking of neighborhoods, do you know what Anne Lamott meant when she said “the mind is a dangerous neighborhood, I try not to go there alone.”? Let’s come back to this in a moment…

If you haven’t seen the movie already, it’s called, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, and you can now watch it on Netflix for free. It’s based on the legendary TV show featuring the gentle Mr. Rogers, who was the kind neighbor every kid wanted to have. Can you believe there were 31 seasons of this classic? Impressive.







You’ll likely get much more out of watching the show, or the film, than you will this silly little article. However, by continuing to read here, you’ll learn, or be reminded of, the most important themes and values from the movie, and the man. Not the least of which is how deeply powerful your loving presence really is for the people in your world… Continue reading Robert Oleskevich’s article on Hero’s journey Therapy.







Robert Oleskevich, is a licensed psychotherapist, world traveler, and an expat. He lived in over 30 different countries, worked with adolescents, expats, and third culture kids. These days, he provides counseling and therapy to people dealing with the social and emotional challenges of living in Asia, with a focus on expats in HCMC Vietnam.

Know more about Robert on www.herosjourneytherapy.com





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