April 7.2019


A few weeks ago, when my friend said to me: “Let’s go to a veggie”! my first reaction was to pretend that I did not hear it. Most of us have this type of reaction when we talk about vegetarian restaurants, and it can be a wrong attitude.

Hum, is a Buddhist name and means “Peace comes from within.” This restaurant has a beautiful decoration with real art on its wall. There prevails a peaceful atmosphere, a well-balanced menu, and the place is a must see. The bar with plenty of tropical fruits displayed in an attractive way, make you feel like trying any drink and yes, they are veggies, but hey! they also serve alcohol and the drinks there are hugely creative and delectable!

In the menu, you can try any dish, and you will love it for sure. As a starter, Lotus with Parmesan, Spicy mushroom salad with roasted rice, Homemade tofu in a spicy sauce, Rice with eggplant, etc. Everything is amazing! With the tofu dish, you even have the sensation of eating scallops. Great feeling for those who cannot eat anything from the sea. The service is attentive, they try to serve it fast, and prices are unbelievably reasonable. For all theses reasons, Hum became one of my favorite restaurants, and I am a meat lover. Can’t wait to come back there!

Hum Vegetarian Cafe & Restaurant, 2 Thi Sach, Dist 1 – +84 8 38238920 –

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