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November 12.2021








If you haven’t noticed, this year’s must-have accessory is the scarf. Hair is styled in the most beautiful fabrics and colors in 2021. For far too long, our scarves have been buried in our drawers. You don’t have any nice clothes to wear? You won’t look out of place wearing a scarf. Here are a few suggestions to help you look your best.




Tie a scarf in your ponytail





This tying style works best with a square scarf measuring 60×60 cm. You must fold your scarf into a triangle and then wrap the triangle’s corners several times until you have a flat long bandana. Wrap a folded scarf around your ponytail and tie it. Make sure the scarf is the same length on both ends.




Low bun with a scarf





This hairstyle looks best with a lightweight silk bandana or a 90×90 cm square scarf. If you choose a scarf bandana, fold it into a triangle and wrap the triangle’s corners several times until you have a flat roll. Wrap a bandana or rolled silk scarf around the bun and tie the ends together on one side. You can leave the ends of the scarf in different lengths or adapt them so they are perfectly symmetrical




Bustier One-Shoulder Wrap




Take the two ends on the smaller side of a rectangle scarf and tie them together. Insert your arm through the hole. Wrap the long part of the scarf diagonally across your chest. Bring it around to the back and wrap the scarf until you’re out of material. Tuck the scarf’s end into one of the layers. If desired, use safety pins to secure.




Loose hair with a half-bun and a scarf





The scarf is a simple way to dress up an ordinary bun! Begin by sectioning your hair into two sections. Make a messy half-bun with the top part of your hair. Wrap a silk bandana or rolled square scarf around your bun, allowing the long scarf ends to fall on the rest of your hair. The length of your scarf is determined by the length of your hair; the longer your hair, the longer the scarf you will wear.




Halter neck, with chain necklace





Fold your scarf in half and set it aside (into a triangle). Make sure the “right side” is facing out when you fold it. Also known as the side you want people to see. Layer the scarf with the chain necklace (the top of the triangle).




Like Grace Kelly





To look this good, you don’t have to be Grace Kelly; simply fire up the Mustang Convertible. Take a square scarf, match it to your sunglasses, and wrap it around your head to frame your face. Check that both ends are the same length. Cross the two lengths in front under the chin, round to the back, and secure with a knot. It looks great with our India net glove.




Hippie scarf headband





The rumors about the end of the boho style appear to be exaggerated, particularly in some fashion circles. This is true, for example, of the topic of hair accessories, where hairbands are still popular. A properly tied lightweight scarf is a great alternative to velvet or leather headbands! The scarf should be long enough to wrap around the head comfortably.




Retro bandana headband





Go for a retro look! Place the bandana on a flat surface. Fold in half from corner to corner to form a triangle. Halfway up the triangle, fold the bottom point. Fold the band up again, as the width should now be between 4-5 inches, depending on your preference. When you put the bandana on your head, the folded parts will face in. Flip it over as the folded parts will face in when you place the bandana on your head. The back should look with a nice smooth finish. Tie the bandana knot around your hair and tie it in the middle or to the side, as you like.









Available in : Vietnamese

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