Super Stylish Ways to tie a scarf


March 2023







If you haven’t noticed, the scarf is this year’s must-have accessory. In 2023, hair is styled in the most beautiful fabrics and colors.  Here are some tips to help you look your best.



Tie a scarf in your ponytail




This tying style works best with a 60×60 cm square scarf. To make a flat long bandana, fold your scarf into a triangle and wrap the triangle’s corners several times. Wrap and tie a folded scarf around your ponytail. Check that the scarf is the same length at both ends.



Low bun with a scarf




This hairstyle looks best with a lightweight silk bandana or a square scarf measuring 90×90 cm. Fold a scarf bandana into a triangle and wrap the triangle’s corners several times until you have a flat roll. Wrap the bun in a bandana or rolled silk scarf and tie the ends together on one side. You can leave the scarf ends at different lengths or make them perfectly symmetrical.



Bustier One-Shoulder Wrap




Tie the two ends of a rectangle scarf on the smaller side together. Pass your arm through the opening. Wrap the scarf’s long end diagonally across your chest. Wrap the scarf around your back until you run out of material. Tuck one end of the scarf into one of the layers. To secure, use safety pins if desired.



Loose hair with a half-bun and a scarf




The scarf is an easy way to dress up a plain bun! To begin, divide your hair into two sections. Make a messy half-bun with your top half of hair. Wrap your bun in a silk bandana or rolled square scarf, allowing the long scarf ends to fall on the rest of your hair. Your hair length determines the length of your scarf; the longer your hair, the longer the scarf you will wear.



Halter neck, with chain necklace





Fold your scarf in half and set it aside (into a triangle). Make sure the “right side” is facing out when you fold it. Also known as the side you want people to see. Layer the scarf with the chain necklace (the top of the triangle).




Like Grace Kelly





You don’t have to be Grace Kelly to look this good; simply fire up the Mustang Convertible. Wrap a square scarf around your head to frame your face, matching it to your sunglasses. Make sure both ends are the same length. Cross the two lengths in front under the chin, wrap around to the back, and knot. It goes perfectly with our India net glove.



Hippie scarf headband




The rumors about the demise of the boho look appear to be exaggerated, especially in some fashion circles. This is especially true in the case of hair accessories, where hairbands remain popular. A properly tied lightweight scarf is an excellent substitute for velvet or leather headbands! The scarf should be long enough to comfortably wrap around the head.



Retro bandana headband




Choose a retro look! Place the bandana flat on a surface. Fold the triangle in half from corner to corner. Fold the bottom point halfway up the triangle. Fold the band up again; the width should be between 4-5 inches now, depending on your preference. The folded parts of the bandana will face in when you put it on your head. When you put the bandana on your head, the folded parts will face in. The back should look with a nice smooth finish. Tie the bandana knot around your hair, either in the middle or to the side.









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