February 5.2022


Just arrived in Saigon and do not want to look like a tourist ? We got the inside scoop on the most obvious traveler tells. So take heed and enjoy our hometown stylishly.



Just drink the thing!



Drink a Ca Phe Da (Iced coffee) and take your time. It will take you a while…



Take a nap





A nap after lunch is common, so take the best and forget the rest!












Cross the street as a Saigonese



Do you believe that crossing a street in Saigon is like playing Russian roulette? Maybe… However, if you walk steadily across the street and stop when necessary, even if you are in the middle of the street, motorbikes will gently tear their motorcycle around you and will not hit you.


Forget the kissing and touching in public



In Asia in general, you just verbalize it so keep your hands in your pockets!



Park your motorbike in your lounge!



Haven’t you moved your sofa yet? Well, you should as in Vietnam bikes are extremely easy to steal. So Vietnamese currently park their bike in their home.



Yes means No


In Vietnam to understand and know how to practice the “Yes” and the “No” is very useful. Locals say often “Yes” when they don’t know what to respond or because they don’t want to unpleased you. Aldo remember that a Vietnamese don’t say “I don’t think I can do that”, he will simply say “I cannot do that” or will only say “Yes” or smile of embarrassment.



Keep your tan white



Don’t leave your long sleeve shirt in your suitcase and cover yourself totally including hand and feet as Vietnamese do or use an umbrella for the sun. White is beautiful in vietnam!



Carry everything you can on your motorbike



Why pay a taxi?



Forget your intimacy



Do not be surprised by Vietnamese intrusive questions as Are you married? How many children do you have? Etc. Showing interest to others is here a prove of courtesy. So better to be ready!








Never lose your temper




That you already knew.












Forget to use shoes in the house



Nah… Nobody will steal them! So let your slippers outside and understand you get inside a private space. Here tables are low and local often sit on the floor to eat, sleep and do all their activities. That’s why it is so important for them to have clean floor.




Accept to use toothpicks at the end of the meals





You thought that using a toothpick was rude and inappropriate? Think again. In Asia, it’s considered as very polite.











Dress as Bling Bling as you can





Girls, you threw out your sequin dress and your Versace Tee shirt? Shame! You will need it as overdressing at night is here a must.


























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