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June 8.2021






As uncertainty builds up in our daily lives, many are overcome with fear and anxiety. The feelings of stress are undeniable. The stress we all feel is natural and is necessary during these times of adversity because stress prepares our mind and body for action and calls our attention to what is important. But it is essential not to be overwhelmed because excessive stress has repercussions on our body. It affects us physically, depletes us emotionally, lowers our immune defenses, and robs us of our ability to concentrate and be productive. Here are ten tips to better manage your stress and preserve your health during a pandemic.





If you can’t eliminate stress, then change the way you react to it. If you don’t sleep well because you work late at night or because you spend your evening on social media, try to be on your computer early in the morning. You don’t like to cook and restaurants are closed?  Choose the delivery method. There is no shortage of good restaurants at the best price at Ho Chi Minh City Restaurant rescue.



Keep physical distances but stay connected 





During a period of stress one of the greatest human strengths is our desire to connect, and help others. We also need hugs, closeness, and friendliness. During a pandemic it is essential to stay connected with others. Think about virtual cafes or dinners, cooking sessions, happy hours, online group chats and good old-fashioned phone calls. Keep in touch with your friends and other members of your community, and let them know how you’re feeling.



Talk to a Therapist

Loneliness level have been increasing since Covid 19 because the biggest change in our lives is to stop having regular face-to-face social interaction. But what’s particularly difficult about the COVID-19 pandemic is that there are mental health issues that can arise due to social isolation especially for expat. Online therapy services exist in Vietnam and it is possible to chat online with a licensed professional therapist from your couch. Hero’s journey Therapy.



Exercise with a coach online 

When we’re stressed, we should take care more of ourselves, but most of us do the exact opposite. We neglect our sleep and diet, drink more alcoholic beverages, and fail to exercise. A healthy body  can deal better with stress. Exercise promotes the production of endorphin (the feel-good hormone) and is the best stress reliever.

Elise Ropper Ballets School  – Body and Mind 



Eat Healthy Food


Pic ByNature

Self-care is often the first thing to go during times of high stress, and with the uncertain times we’re facing, eating well is more important now than ever. This is the right time to favor small producers and organic baskets. Eat healthy, nutritious foods and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and fit.

By NatureEvery day organic 



Set specific objectives 

Set specific goals. Instead of saying “I should do this or that,” commit to doing it instead of promising yourself to try to do it. Achieving your goals will bring you real satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. And when you’ve achieved a goal, savor the victory!



Refuel your energy 

Refuel your energy, relax and strengthen your concentration. Our brains spend a lot of time thinking about the past or the future. But there is something incredibly calming about just enjoying the moment. Try Ani Petrova’s online Qigong Class to strengthen your attention and concentration skills while exercising.



Pamper yourself





The quarantine can also be an opportunity to pamper yourself and to establish natural beauty rituals. To take care of your body while relaxing, we think of Moon Rooth Therapy  Saigon Sud, My Natural Beauty for natural body care.



Please yourself 

Pleasure is fundamental to be in a positive relationship with oneself, others, and your environment. It is also necessary for your physical well-being. Running out of it can lead to depression, dissatisfaction or stress. Please yourself with some good chocolate from Choco D’art, a good bottle of wine from Vietnam Cellar or some flowers from Flower By Hugo.


Be grateful

Actively showing gratitude helps to have a more positive attitude in everyday life. Each day, write down three things that you enjoyed. You will be surprised how good something so simple can do for you.


Learn to say no

Being overloaded with responsibilities only adds to your stress. To say yes to everyone is to give up your well-being.










Available in : Vietnamese

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