How To Eat Raw Oysters Like The French

December 23.2022



There is no wrong way to eat oysters as long as you enjoy them, but there are a variety of ways to serve and eat raw oysters depending on where you live, and there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to eat them like the French. So we’ll travel across oceans to what is often regarded as the home of the finest oysters in the world, as oysters have been a staple of French cuisine for centuries. It’s not surprising that they know their oysters…





The different varieties of oysters

There are several oyster-farming regions in France. Each of them produces a distinct variety of oysters. They can be distinguished by their color, the density of their flesh, their caliber, or their taste. To buy oysters, it is, therefore, necessary to understand these distinctions to select the variety that best suits your taste preferences and the taste mode you intend to use (raw or hot). Imported Fresh Oysters are now available in Vietnam. Inquire with your favorite fismonger!


Oysters from Arcachon: Arcachon oysters are a type of cupped oyster that is fairly fleshy regardless of size. They have a particularly strong flavor. They are distinguished by their light green color.

Bouzigues oysters: These oysters are native to the south of France. Bouzigues oysters are unique in that they are both fleshy and tender. They are distinguished by their distinct nutty flavor.

Brittany oysters are classified into two types based on whether they are from North or South Brittany. As a result, they offer a wide range of options. There are hollow oysters, such as those from Cancale, that have a very iodized flavor, and flat oysters, such as the famous Belon, that have a very delicate flavor.

Oysters from Marennes-Oléron: Only Marennes-Oléron oysters have a Label Rouge (fines de claire and shoots in clear) and an IGP (special clear). These are farmed cupped oysters that are particularly popular among fans of this type of shellfish.

Normandy oysters: Normandy oysters are famous for their dense flesh and iodized flavor. The Isigny oyster is one of the most well-known. It has a distinctive crunch and is ideal for culinary preparations.



Choose The Number




Cupped oysters come in a variety of sizes and are numbered. The numbers range from 000 – 6. The smaller the number, the larger the oyster.


How Many Oysters To Order

Oysters are usually served by a half-dozen per person. So order accordingly.


How to serve Oysters?




Oysters should not be frozen. They are typically served on a bed of ice because it looks cool (and fresh), but it’s not the best way to serve them. They don’t have the deepest flavor when they’re too cold. Oysters should be placed on algae or even salt. You get the full experience with most flavors this way.



How To Open A French Oyster

To open the oysters, use a knife with a short, blunt blade. Insert the blade into the oyster hinge first (the thickest part of the oyster where the two shells meet). Then, twist the knife carefully to pry the shell apart, and then use the knife to separate the two halves of the shell. To detach the oyster from its shell, gently scrape the knife under and around it.



Accompaniments For Eating Oysters Like the French




While oyster purists will argue that the only way to enjoy an oyster is on its own, oysters in France are typically served with a lemon wedge and mignonette, a tangy condiment made from vinegar and shallots. While smaller oysters should always be eaten raw, larger oysters can be baked in the oven with butter, garlic, herbs, and breadcrumbs.




How To Elegantly Eat Your Oyster

To remove the oyster from its shell, use an oyster fork (or a small fork) or a small knife if you don’t have a small fork.

Drink the seawater by tilting the oyster shell towards your mouth.

Chew the oyster for the full marvelous experience. Enjoy the texture and flavor.



What’s the best drink with oysters?




Pair your oyster feast with something appropriate for the occasion. The flavors of the oysters will be enhanced by an Apérol spritz, a chilled white wine like Chablis, Muscadet, or rosé wine. But, since you’re eating oysters like the French, how about a luxurious pairing with Champagne?





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