How to Catch Employers’ Attention and Get a New Job During COVID-19

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September 17, 2020


Right after the coronavirus outbreak, many companies started to deal with a challenging situation. Isolation measures left organizations unprotected. In fact, employees who were not able to work from home lost their jobs because companies needed to reduce costs. On the other hand, organizations with remote employees were able to move forward and face the lockdown. Furthermore, they were not only able to overcome isolation but also to apply innovative practices to reshape the market.







With this in mind, it’s essential to point out that the demand for candidates with remote work abilities increased. Given that, getting a new job has become more challenging as employers’ requirements are now higher.  Many people started to update and upgrade their skill set to catch employers’ attention. However, they probably have been wasting their time if they are not learning the right skills. Given that, here are some tips that will help you not only to attract employers’ attention but also to get hired during COVID-19




Build a Portfolio


Building a portfolio of your personal and team projects will help you to stay steps ahead over other candidates. It’s because, nowadays, employers don’t care about how impressive your resume can be; they want to see actual results. Given that, having a portfolio has become a must.





Tech professionals like UX/UI designers often have a portfolio to show outstanding designs. In that case, they can attract employers’ attention and let them know how their creativity will reshape their future. To build a portfolio, you’ll only need to add your best projects. However, you have no projects, or you think that there are no relevant projects, you can start a new one. If you don’t know how to build a portfolio and you need help, you can enroll in an online course. Kenzie Academy has designed its programs to help students build a portfolio of projects carried during each course.  Creating a portfolio can be time-consuming, but if you really want to be outstanding, it will be necessary to get a new job these days.  





Enroll in Online Coding Bootcamps

After the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, coding bootcamps became popular because of their availability to provide online courses where aspirants could learn in-demand skills. Furthermore, they also help aspirants to switch careers and start a new professional path.







With this in mind, we have to highlight that they not only allow aspirants to increase their job opportunities. In fact, they also help aspirants to get hired at word-class companies like Amazon, Google, and Netflix. Consequently, if you want to get a new dream job, enrolling in a coding bootcamp is the right decision to make. Springboard offers part-time courses in its online bootcamp that allow aspirants to learn job-ready skills within nine months. Dealing with expenses can be difficult. For that reason, Springboard offers several financing options that could fit its students’ needs to help them focus on learning. 


Another excellent option would be App Academy’s coding bootcamp. The company offers several courses for those who like web development. Students can learn in-demand skills to build dynamic websites that will help them provide unique experiences to catch employers’ attention. Under those circumstances, they’ll be able to not only increase their job opportunities but also to face new challenges in the future. 




Learn New Skills to Become a Remote Worker


After the coronavirus outbreak, many things changed. For example, wearing a face mask, applying social distancing, and using hand sanitizers became the new normal. With this in mind, it’s important to say that being able to work from home also became the new standard. For that reason, to get hired, you will have to learn new skills and become a remote worker. Remote workers can accomplish their work from any place. For that reason, as they don’t need to be in an office to do their work duties, they’ve helped companies to reduce costs.







Remote workers helped companies to move forward during the lockdown. Given that, remote working skills are vital for employers these days.  Learning coding skills like JavaScript or SQL, will be helpful to catch customers’ attention. For example, as data is becoming essential for companies to innovate their products, candidates with data management skills have become valuable.  Learning SQL skills will allow you to manage large pools of data and deal with server-side applications. For that reason, you’ll become a precious candidate to any employer who is struggling to remain competitive.

Similarly, as JavaScript allows developers to build unique websites, it has become essential to attract new customers. As a result, employers are continually searching for candidates with JavaScript skills. JavaScript developers can work remotely as they only need a reliable Internet connection and access to the company’s network. In that case, accomplishing their everyday work tasks from home is not a problem. Generally speaking, getting a new job during COVID-19 can be hard. But, learning new skills to become a remote worker will help you to meet employers’ demands and get hired for sure. 




Learn Machine Learning Skills


Using machine learning algorithms to improve products and provide unique experiences has become essential for companies. Consequently, the demand for candidates with machine learning skills is increasing day-by-day. Under those circumstances, learning how to implement machine learning algorithms will help you to be a must-have for every employer. Nowadays, significant companies like Google, Amazon, and Netflix are investing huge amounts of money in machine learning. It’s because machine learning enables systems to learn from users’ inputs. In that case, it’s helping companies to reshape the future and innovate today’s market.







In the same way, it’s important to say that machine learning has innovated every sector. For example, in the health sector, AI-powered robots are helping doctors not only to make pre-visit diagnoses but also to save lives. In fact, doctors can apply best practices during surgery thanks to machine learning and AI-powered robots. 





As can be seen, to attract employers’ attention, you will have to change your mindset and try new things. Remember that it’s time to get out of our comfort zone to overcome nowadays’ challenges. With this in mind, it’s important to say that following this guide will help you not only to increase your job opportunities but also to get hired during COVID-19. 




Available in : Vietnamese

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