How many beers per day is unhealthy?

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May 11, 2021


We love to drink beer with friends on a terrace, on the beach, in an air-conditioned lounge, and, frankly, everywhere. And beer, too, is often our ‘best friend’ to beat the heat – there’s no shortage of excuses to enjoy one of the world’s most common and oldest drinks. However, even if it does not contain a lot of alcohol, if beer is consumed excessively, it can be harmful to health. Several scientific studies have gone as far as to determine the maximum amount of beer that we can drink without risking damage.







Beer is not without benefits and boost wellness in a few ways; it is rich in vitamins, folic acid, antioxidants as well as protein, and some studies even claim that moderate consumption can help prevent cardiovascular disease or improve bone strength. But what is really meant by “moderate consumption”. How many beers can you drink beer without harming your health?  Because, let’s not forget that any excess of alcoholic drinks is harmful.







It’s said that the maximum daily dose of beer not to be exceeded is set at between 300 and 450 milliliters for men and 300 milliliters for women, or about one can.  Drinking more than one can or bottle a day can become a health risk, said a statement shared by the WHO outlined. The ideal, according to experts, would be not to drink alcohol at all, since the possible risks of wine or beer do in the end, outweigh the health benefits. 










Available in : Vietnamese

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