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June 26. 2021


Located in Paris, Hotel Paradiso this first Hotel-Cinema created by Nathanaël and Elisha Karmitz is articulated on several levels, including 6 classic dark rooms, already belonging to the MK2 Nation cinema, but also has 34 rooms and 2 suites, in which to sleep, eat, play, and most importantly watch films on the giant screen in each bedroom or on the roof terrace when the weather permits it.







At hotel Paradiso, the only place where the projection screen is even bigger than the bed, you watch movies. A lot of movies. With a few swipes of a tablet, your room goes dark and a nine-foot-wide projection screen descends from the ceiling. In some rooms, you can watch films or TV from the bathtub or play PlayStation 5. Cinema meets all art forms at the Hotel Paradiso imagined and designed by people like Daniel Vaniche and Paula Castro from the DVVD agency, decorator Alix Thomsen, artistic director Sarah Kahn, lighting designer Philippe Collet, JR and Christian Boltanski, Woodkid, or even Alexandre Mattiussi … A whole squadron of ‘ultra creatives. Here architects, artists, stylists, and each member of the group have imbued their field with their vision of cinema as a way of life.








“The whole idea here was to create a lifestyle around cinema,” said Elisha, who, with his brother, now runs MK2’s 26-cinema arthouse group originally founded by their father in 1974. “It’s a way to tell foreigners this is the real Parisian way of living — come to the East and see all the artists. See the lifestyle when you are interested in culture and cinema.”







“It’s also a hotel we’ve made for us,” Nathanaël added. “We are used to traveling all over the world for a very short period — not to tour or see the city life, but for business and film festivals. At 4 a.m., when you can’t sleep, what’s better than being this comfortable and watching something? Especially since VOD service disappeared from hotels all over the world.”







Cozy and inevitably inspired by the seventh art, this cocoon for cinephiles also brings together a Bob’s Juice Bar, a La La Land karaoke suite, where there’s 10,000 songs to choose from, a cinema box, or even event and co-working spaces.


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Available in : Vietnamese

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