Get to bed, damn it!

Reading an interesting book, or watching your favorite TV show, can be one of many reasons for you to stay up late at night. If this happens just once or twice a month, then there is no problem. However, if it happens too much and becomes your usual habit, then you have serious problem. Sleep deprivation, or lack of sleep, is more dangerous than you may think. It does not only reduces your memory but also your general health statement, and destroy your sex life.



Hello Skin Problems

Sleep is the time for your body to recover, especially for your skin. During the day, you have done many activities, and your skin got more damages than you think. Therefore, your body needs to rest and to repair all those damaged tissues. Do you wonder why you wake up with sallow skin and swollen eyes? That because your sleep is too short, it leads to wrinkles and “panda” eyes.






But that does not stop here. When you do not have enough sleep, your body not only does not have the time to recover, but also release a harmful hormone like cortisol, which causes stress. If you ignore this alarm, the amount of cortisol will be added up, and it will prevent your skin from producing collagen, which is a vital protein for healthy skin. Moreover, lack of sleep can result in a shortage of growth hormone. In your early age, you can easily get over these problems since your body is flooded with it but when you get older, it produces less and less, and now you are in trouble.



Forget your sex life

According to scientists, sleep deprivation is the killer of sex life. Zero energy, stress, exhausted, you cannot even opens your eyes, so let’s forget about sex. For men, this problem is much more serious. Sleeping chronic problems will lead to a lower testosterone level, which is produced during the deepest stages of the sleep, and guys, this could explain why you cannot use your Shaolin power!




You suddenly discover that your hair is getting thinner

Only a few days without having enough sleep can dramatically affect your hair and in a very bad way. Some study shows that sleep deprivation and stress have a great impact on the production of certain hormones in the body, and that’s the primary cause of hair population reduced hair.







Can’t remember anything?

Memory lost is the common problem of old people, but you can also suffer from it due to sleep deprivation. It can significantly reduce your memory, as the sleep is the time when our brain changes short-term memories into long-term memories.






Stopping to practice Gym won’t do to you any good

If you want to get an S-shape body, sleep is the way to get it. Without it, your muscles will not develop any further despite all your hard training during the day.









And Then, There’s The Really Serious Stuff

According to certain studies, sleep deprivation can lead you to a very serious problem. If you only sleep five hours a day, your risk of death is meant to double.

Let’s get to bed, damn it!



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