Here is why you should drink beer after working out

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October 8, 2020


A beer, “it’s still alcohol first,” professionals agree. But is drinking a beer after exercising really recommended?








The Health Benefits of beer


Beer contains maltose which replenishes glycogen stores after recovery effort. It’s rich in calcium, magnesium and the B vitamins and folic acid protect against cardiovascular risks; it also preserves good cholesterol (HDL), is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and neutralizes free radicals, not to mention that it has on average only 35 calories per 100g.

Moreover, the doctor of the Italian national football team and advisor in sports nutrition and well-being Luca Gatteschi, declared: “After the effort, this drink has positive effects, and thanks to the low amount of sugars, to its great contribution in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and vitamin B. If it is limited to a small quantity, beer is also more valuable than any other energy supplement, because it is more complete”. But, If beer, like most alcoholic beverages, contains more than 90% of water, it dehydrates you also. Exercising already makes you thirsty, explains many dieticians who recommend, therefore, to always drink the same volume of water when consuming a beer.







The ideal is to not drink it within two hours of exercising, add other dieticians. You should preferably choose a beer below 5 degrees of alcohol, and consume a small one, 25 cl is enough. Not to mention that “Alcohol-free beers” still contain alcohol, about one degree of alcohol. Other sports physicians would opt for a small glass of red wine which contains some iron and antioxidants. Better: a sweet, non-alcoholic drink, to replenish your glycogen store while hydrating.

But don’t panic, drinking a little beer after running remains a convivial moment an athlete can afford. A famous legend even says that Emil Zatopek, a famous Czechoslovakian runner of the 1950s, drank beer during his competitions!






Available in : Vietnamese

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