Have you ever wanted to rub Whisky all over your body? Now you can

March 17. 2023

Have you ever loved a whiskey so much that you wanted to smell like it? Now you can. Monkey Shoulder has released recently Monkey Musk, a fragrance inspired by its scotch.





Monkey Musk, created by Monkey Shoulder Malt Master Brian Kinsman, takes all of the tasting and scent notes found in the brand’s best-selling scotch and transforms them into a unisex fragrance. “Zesty orange, vanilla, honey, and spiced oak” combine for a “soft scent of the hard stuff,” according to Monkey Shoulder.





“The process of making whisky is similar to that of a perfumer creating a fragrance,” Kinsman says. “We both prioritize the quality of the elements that go into the blend and spend hours perfecting the mix of different notes.” It’s a science, and the beautiful Monkey Shoulder blend deserved to be replicated as a fragrance because it contains tasting notes found in leading fragrances.”

Monkey Musk is a limited-edition offering that comes in a 100-milliliter bottle and costs around $40. It is available for purchase at shop.monkeyshoulder.com.






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