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When one thinks of fashion, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the haute couture runway shows that grace, Paris, Milan, or New York. Young etherial models that look supernaturally removed from everyday life and clothing that commands prices that too are supernatural – at least for most of us. However, many other forms of fashion exist. Each of which is an expression of its designer’s vision of art and beauty.







From DIY punks with safety pins to emerging designers who are gaining notoriety but have not yet hit the glamorous international runway scene, it’s all out there and encompasses so many beautiful forms. One of my favorite designers now is Seiran Tsuno. This quirky Japanese woman has such a unique story with a deep connection to her family and spirituality that it’s hard to believe she is only 28 years old. And that she spent the first six years of her career as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital.








Seiran’s current vision is to produce billowy and colorful forward-facing outfits that facilitate a connection with the spiritual world. Her art is brilliant at many different levels. By choosing forward-facing outfits, she is retaining our human need to cover ourselves out of modesty – a bit like Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover their nudity after eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


She says, “Hey! Spirit world! Here I am !!!” It’s not about attracting a lover, which, let’s face it, is 99.99% what fashion is all about. Puffy billowy outfits in bright colors? Sure! I mean, what better way to get the denizens of the spirit world to notice you. Animal sacrifice? Naaa. I’d much rather be walking down the street with an unnaturally large fluorescent green and pink front-robe and hoping my grandmother’s spirit notices.















Speaking of grandmothers, here is one of Seiran’s most endearing acts. While she has no shortage of attractive models and famous photographers to work with, she has used her grandmother as a model at times. It’s not a bold act of irreverence. Its a touching act connecting her to an aged family member she loves dearly.







Another fantastic aspect of her creativity is that she is not bound to the traditional materials found in the adoration of the spirit world – papers and cloths. Instead, she is using 3D pens to create her garments. Totally DIY just like punk rock safety pins yeah? Putting it all together, it’s a beautiful story encompassing art, fashion, spirituality, and the love of a young woman for her grandmother. And it does fit squarely in the category of haute couture. Brilliant stuff.


Pics Seiran Tsuno.




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