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Happy hours are typically created for those alcohol hounds chasing ways to maximize drink intake for money spent. The very best happy hours, however, isn’t just about scoring cheap liquor.

This review of two happy hours in Saigon aims to give a bit more than just a practical treatment of the happy hour scene. If you want booze delivered cheaply down the esophagus, Bui Vien and its surroundings offer best deals, but ambience, milieu, general cheerful vibe all matter for this version of an enjoyable happy hour. We are epicurists, men and women of good taste and refinement, after all. So without further ado, here’s a taste of the burgeoning classy cocktail happy hour scene in Saigon.








Shri is colorful interior space and rooftop restaurant and bar situated above the Centec Center on the 23rd floor, with terrific views of the Saigon skyline. The happy hour at Shri is a good deal and nothing beats seeing the sunset color up the skyline of the city as you gently sip on your Peach Bellini or bubbly cocktail of choice (Shri has many captivating options of bubbly cocktails). It’s a good life at a very good price.
My favorite drink here is the Saigon Old Fashioned, a brown sugared and uniquely slanted rendition of the traditional Old Fashioned. This version trades the strong citrus taste for an amber smokiness that aptly captures the sun setting on the city. I am not by trade or passion a photographer, but I have on occasion snapped a few shots of this amber Old Fashioned in the foreground of a gentle Saigon sunset, just to Instagram potential followers out there.







The deal

From 3 – 8 PM it’s half price off all cocktails, wine by glass, beers and soft drinks and 25% off all spirits and wines by bottle.

Time: 15:00–19:00
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday






A lamp lit, cozy dedication to good taste and mellow fruitful drinking. The place is a mixture of cracking stony Buddhist heads and dark wooden high rise tables. You can imagine settling down here for a nice chat with a friend, as the music is typically toned down. The Old Fashioned globular ice cubes are on point, though you can tell they’re not hand carved. Try the New York Sour, a layered twist on the Whiskey Sour that’s refreshing and satisfying.








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