Ha Noi: Unique Exhibition of Literature, Art and Music


Gương vô cực (Infinity Mirror), an exhibition-performance, will take place from September 14 to October 31 at ‘L’Espace’, the French cultural centre in Hà Nội. The event is a fusion of different inspirations featuring calligrapher Christian Hadengue from France, painter Le Thua Tien from Vietnam, composer Mark Lockett from England and poet Hubert Haddad from Tunisia.

The unique blend of styles will offer audiences a chance to discover Christian’s calligraphic works and Tien’s paintings, with a backdrop of Mark Lockett’s music and Hubert Haddad’s poetry.





“This is a meeting between artists who have adopted a language naturally ‘out of step’ with their cultural background (Western and Asian). A creation that reveals a deep fascination with ‘otherness’ in matter and in spirit,” according to Christian.

Christian wrote on fr.ulule.com that: “The question of cultural transversality becomes a deliberate choice. The notion of ‘origin’ is sidestepped, so that an instinctive and intuitive vision is found: a way of thinking beyond defined cultural boundaries.”… Follow up the article on Hands-On



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