Go Back in Time in Saigon with a Traditional Coffee Method

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Some art forms remain true to their original ways through the passage of time; coffee can be one such thing. Fortunately, for the caffeine aficionados among us, Saigon is a prime place to observe and, of course, sample coffee stylings of a bygone era.







One such distinctive style is known as ‘racket coffee’ or cà phê vợt. Though you may be familiar with the traditional phin method of brewing, this predates it. Some cafes in Saigon have been serving up a cup brewed in this style for over 70 years; after a taste, it’s easy to see why. The process involves using a net-style filter—it looks like a mix between a badminton racket and a butterfly net—to steep and stir. After a meticulous pour over, it’s served often over ice and with a splash (or more) of condensed milk. To this day, a cup of traditionally-brewed coffee will only set you back around 15K VND.





There are a few famous, time-tested cafes serving up this method across Saigon. One can be found in the heart of District 5 at Cafe Ba Lu, tucked into a tiny stall within Phung Hung Market. Sitting at street level among the bustling crowd only enhances the experience, so this one is well worth a trip.





In District 3, you can also find a historic racket coffee being prepared at Cheo Leo Cafe, which has stood the test of time and been serving it up for almost 80 years. There’s also the aptly-named Cafe Vợt located in Phu Nhuan on Phan Dinh Phung street.












Available in : Vietnamese

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